Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wings, Wheels & Rotors October 2010

Every year for the past about 4 years My brother has gone to the Wheels, Wings, and Rotors expo in Los Alamitos. Mainly too check out the Fire Trucks and such, since he loves that kind of a thing. But I'd have too say this is my favorite one so far! They actually brought back the WWII Planes and had them fly, not only that but the had WWII re enactors!!!! And they were the Airborne division!!! Me and my brother Angel were thrilled! We're both big WWWII fans, we love the history and I love the US Military during WWII, and the fact that these guys are Fly Boys even better! The Air force is my favorite Branch (even though during the 40s' it was considered part of the Army). It was such a great photo op I couldn't resist!! In fact while being so enthralled with these WWII re enactors I struck up a conversation with one of their younger guys and turns out we have some of the same friends in the Vintage Community! We talked about history, music, Vintage clothes, the Vintage scene and of course the whole re enacting infantry. And guess what?? Me and my brother might just become part of their infantry as WWII re enactors!! I'll get to be a WAC!! So my brother and I are crossing are fingers and waiting anxiously for a reply, I can't wait! Thank you Wheels, Wings and Rotors! And thanks to my brother Angel for wanting to go!

(all photos by. Angel Rivera)

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