Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

'Freedom From Want'
Norman Rockwell 1943

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Why "must"we have one day to be thankful for all we have? But being a historic tradition of this nation, and with people getting caught up in consumerism and food. I think people tend to forget that we should take the time to spend with family and friends not just on one day but any other day of the year and be thankful for all that you have, even though you might not have everything, there are little things that I'm sure we could be thankful for. So I'd like to say I'm quite thankful for my family and friends, for their love, for being alive and having the ability to do the things I do, whatever it may be. And I'm thankful for, though it may sound silly they've got me through a lot, I'm thankful for Depeche Mode. :)
Have a wonderful day!

Thanksgiving Day Festivities
Thanksgiving Day outfit, on my way to my Aunt's house. Copper Metallic Sweater and Black Pencil skirt, both thrifted. Paired with my patent leather flats and Vintage handbag.

Not a very flattering pose from behind showing off my Backseam stockings.

My hairdo, I was surprised how nice it turned out and only in 20 minutes. Since my hair is quite long, it becomes more difficult to do vintage inspired hairstyles. I usually do this, for a special occasion or night out it's very Veronica Lake.

Setting up for Dinner.

My Aunt's beautiful Turkey Platter

An array of napkins

My Aunt's Autumn Decor

My Cousin Erich's dog Reggie, I love that dog soo much!

While waiting for my cousin's to arrive we watched the Twilight Zone Marathon on tv. My family, my Grandpa in particular and myself love the Twilight Zone every time it's on we have too watch it!

The amazing and hilarious John Hughes film "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" with Steve Martin and John Candy. It's a definite favorite film in our family. My two cousins, their friends, my two uncles, my brother and I are always quoting it! We watched it after dinner.

We love to play board games whenever possible at a family gathering. Here is my cousin Anthony's wife Sophia, my cousin Anthony (wearing Red),  my cousin Erich (with his head down) and family friend Gabe.

Just one of the many board games that night. As you can see we didn't have enough pieces so we used my Aunt's crystal rabbit and pumpkin candleholder, haha!

On are way home. Why does it look like I'm about to slap someone? haha I can assure you I wasn't.

Just incase you were curious about the Twilight Zone and the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" I've posted two clips:
Tell me that music doesn't instantly draw you in? I love the classic 1960's Twilight Zone!
Just one of the many hilariously simple and one of my favorite clips from the film.

(All photos by. Angel Rivera)
-with love Victoria

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