Friday, March 30, 2012

Upcoming Events


Friday 30th
Chit Chat Club Featuring
Jonathan Stout & His Campus Five
Held at the beautiful and Historical Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles come down dance, dine, watch and  listen at the Chit Chat Club! With great music everything from 1940's- 1960's, Western Swing to Rhythm & Blues! Check out the Cinema Cabaret, the bands, the drinks and the new dinner menu!
I'll be seeing you there!!
Check out footage of Jonathan Stout & His Campus Five

Devotional Dave from Strangelove Special DJ set at the New Wave Bar

Not only is Devotional Dave (real name Freddie Morales) a fantastic Dave Gahan impersonator and singer, but he's also an awesome DJ! Check out his awesome 80's/ DM Dj set at one of the a totally 80's kitsch bar, where everything on the menu is 80's inspired! I recommend trying their cocktail the "Depeche Mode"!! Plus their margaritas are delish!! Plus there's no cover!!

Saturday 31st
5th Annual Latino Rockabilly Festival
The 5th Annual Latino Rockabilly Festival is here! Held annually at Pitzer College every year, it gets bigger and better each time and it's always tons of fun!! I always attend but this year I won't be making an appearance due to my busy schedule, so everyone go and have fun for me!
Here are pics of last years festival.

(all pictures by Angel Rivera)


Thursday 5th - Sunday 8th
15th Annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender
Viva is here!!! Woo!! And It's my first time!! Party at the biggest Rockabilly Reunion/Festival ever!! Tickets are already sold out, but you can buy tickets for the Saturday Car show.
 I'll see you there and remember say hi!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Timer at Viva Las Vegas

(Sorry for the very low amount of posts, now I have all the time in the world but hardly do any posting!)

So guess what everybody, I'm going to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender!! 
Yay!! It'll be my first time and I'm soo excited! I've always wanted to go, but I never really had the money plus being underage and without a fake ID, even though I look older I don't think that would've been a problem hahaha
I don't know what to expect other than a bunch of my friends who have gone numerous times say that it's fun all day long and all night!! Oh and it's like a huge fashion show so to speak, everyone wears their best stuff! I'm kind of unprepared in the wardrobe dept. mostly everyone plans months in advance, It's about two weeks before the event and can you believe I don't have everything together!? I'm not too worried, I think I'll have some good stuff so far. I'm just missing my most important look, my saturday night outfit, ahh!! Plus I'm going to be coordinating with my new vintage gal pals!!
We met at the Air Raid in February (which I haven't even posted about shame on me!!) they are friends of friends and we clicked perfectly! As a group of girls we represent G.V.B which stands for 
"Ghetto Vintage Bitches"
This is us at the Air Raid, From left to right: Me, my new friend Julie, our awesome friend Christina and my new friends Corina, Joanna and Keren. 
(We're missing our friend Crystal in the pic.)

Hahaha, but that's something I'll talk about later. I'm just really excited I'm going! I'll be dancing all night, partying with awesome friends, checking out everyone's wardrobe and cute boys too! Plus I'm single and 21 years old in Vegas anything can happen!! Haha
By the way I'm hoping to bump into a few fellow bloggers and blogging queens out there!!
I'll see you at Viva!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Violator

Depeche Mode Violator March 19th 1990
Today the Depeche Mode Violator Album turns 22!
This album practically sealed the deal as Depeche Mode being world wide stars and musicians!!
Arguably their best album ever and certainly an amazing and inspirational album at that! With all kinds of bands and singers covering songs off this album, everyone from Marilyn Manson to Hilary Duff! It also features probably the most well known/popular/famous DM songs out there like Personal Jesus and Enjoy The Silence!!
Also probably the most favorite album artwork ever, done by artist Anton Corbijn!! Oh and music videos too!
It's my personal favorite DM album even though that might sound very cliche. I feel a special connection to it, the month and year it was released was the same as I was conceived, it's the first album that introduced me to DM's music. My all time favorite DM songs including my favorite B sides too are on that album and the song "Waiting For The Night"  was released on single the day before I was born! As for the album artwork and music videos they're some of my favorite ever and the album cover symbolizes a lot for me,I plan on getting the Violator Rose tattooed sometime (even though that's like the most popular DM tattoo ever!)
So here's to the renowned DM album Violator!!
Celebrate by wearing a "Clean" "Blue Dress" with your "Personal Jesus" while "Waiting For The Night" you could "Enjoy The Silence", that would be the "Sweetest Perfection".

I wish I could've been there!! It was craziness, where later on a riot started!!
Violator Fever!!

For my Fashion Program at School there was a theme category where you pick an artist and a song and design a piece that was inspired by it. I picked Depeche Mode and the song Personal Jesus!
This is what I came up with a reflection of the band and the song!

With mucho Mode love

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm
Jonathan Daniel "Jon"  Hamm
March 10, 1971

That very very handsome man you've come to know as Mr. Don Draper from the Hit (and awesome) show Mad Men turns 41 years old today!!
He's such a amazing actor and soo funny too! Not to mention soo very handsome and easy on the eyes! A man in his 40's never looked so good!
 Happy Birthday Mr. Hamm!!