Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Timer at Viva Las Vegas

(Sorry for the very low amount of posts, now I have all the time in the world but hardly do any posting!)

So guess what everybody, I'm going to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender!! 
Yay!! It'll be my first time and I'm soo excited! I've always wanted to go, but I never really had the money plus being underage and without a fake ID, even though I look older I don't think that would've been a problem hahaha
I don't know what to expect other than a bunch of my friends who have gone numerous times say that it's fun all day long and all night!! Oh and it's like a huge fashion show so to speak, everyone wears their best stuff! I'm kind of unprepared in the wardrobe dept. mostly everyone plans months in advance, It's about two weeks before the event and can you believe I don't have everything together!? I'm not too worried, I think I'll have some good stuff so far. I'm just missing my most important look, my saturday night outfit, ahh!! Plus I'm going to be coordinating with my new vintage gal pals!!
We met at the Air Raid in February (which I haven't even posted about shame on me!!) they are friends of friends and we clicked perfectly! As a group of girls we represent G.V.B which stands for 
"Ghetto Vintage Bitches"
This is us at the Air Raid, From left to right: Me, my new friend Julie, our awesome friend Christina and my new friends Corina, Joanna and Keren. 
(We're missing our friend Crystal in the pic.)

Hahaha, but that's something I'll talk about later. I'm just really excited I'm going! I'll be dancing all night, partying with awesome friends, checking out everyone's wardrobe and cute boys too! Plus I'm single and 21 years old in Vegas anything can happen!! Haha
By the way I'm hoping to bump into a few fellow bloggers and blogging queens out there!!
I'll see you at Viva!!


  1. You will have a blast! If someone hasn't told you already: Wear comfortable shoes! You will be standing most of the day, best get some squishy half soles for your heels and band-aids for possible blisters! ;)

  2. Thanks for the tip Corinna!! I've made sure I packed plenty of band aids, squishy foot thingys and extra comfy shoes to wear after my feet get tired! Have fun!! :)


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