Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Upcoming Events

Tuesday January 31, 2012
Strangelove at The SlideBar 
in Fullerton
Tonight!! It's Totally 80's Tuesdays at the Slidebar! Come for the $3 beers, drink specials, $1 Tacos and of course Strangelove! How can you not love that plus admission is Free!!

Saturday February 4, 2012
Strangelove 1st Year Anniversary Show with The Cured 
at the Marquee in Corona
I'm definitely going to this very special show and it's all ages!!

Saturday Feb. 4 - Sunday Feb. 5 2012
The 2012 Vintage Fashion Expo
in Santa Monica

 It's that time of year again!! The Vintage Expo is here!! I'm absolutely in love with their new flyer! Time to make new friends, bump into famous faces, find those goodies and stare in aww at all the vintage treasures! I will most likely be going Sunday I have a previous engagement on saturday.
Early Buying - $20
Regular - $10
With Flyer/Coupon - $2 off Reg.
Sunday Students w/ID - free

Out and About

Here's a post I intended to have up at the beginning of the year so here it is now!
Both events are from December 23, 2011

Valerie's Boulevard Vintage Clothing Sale

At the Valerie's Boulevard Vintage Sale & Shoot with:
Pin Up Model & Miss Uptown Whittier Robin, Myself, Pin Up Model & Burlesque Dancer Dottie Deville, Creator of Andy's Eye Candy and Retro Photographer Andy

Myself In front of the Cadillac and storefront

Beautiful Hood Ornament

It was quite the turnout with nearly everything in the store was on sale!! Girls were spending hundreds! And boy did they get a trunk full! There was a ton of beautiful items! Hats, dresses, aprons, crinolines, menswear and more!

Doing some shopping!

Racks and racks full of goodies!!

This is what I walked away with! My very first Vintage Playsuit! I only bought one thing, I was on a budget. It has a cute hibiscus  floral  print. I can't wait to wear it!!

What I love about Valerie's is you never no what you're going to find and it's all at a really great price! They have some pretty cute stuff and if you love 50's, especially anything really girly and 50's this shop is for you!

Valerie's Boulevard and Andy of Andy's Eye Candy now have blogs!!
Check these ladies and their businesses out!

(All photos by. Angel Rivera)

Strangelove and Sweet & Tender Hooligans
at the House Of Blues in Anaheim

Like the all time tribute show I've waited for!! My two favorite tribute bands performed together on the stage at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney for a sold out show!!! It was fantastic!! If you've never seen them, they're a must! Strangelove totally pumped up the crowd and I was thrilled to hear new songs added to their set list. I sang and danced the whole time! Sweet and Tender Hooligans were up next and they definitely put on a show! I always heard when they played the House of Blues in Anaheim it was a show not to be missed, and boy it wasn't! I sang along with the crowd and at one point I was serenaded with my head on a bare chested Mexican Morrissey! I had a great time, I met new people and I made great new friends as well as hanging out with old friends too!

Devotional Dave

Counterfeit Martin


Another shot of Devotional Dave

Jose of Sweet & Tender Hooligans

Sweet & Tender Hooligans

A Shirtless Mexican Morrissey

Counterfeit Martin, The Mexican Morrissey & Devotional Dave

With my lovely friends and members of Strangelove, Brent & Freddie

With the sweet Jose Maldonado of Sweet & Tender Hooligans

(All photos by. Victoria Inez Rivera)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Vintage... at Walmart??

Ain't that the truth!
Well there's not actually vintage at Walmart, but while I was running errands with my mother the other day I noticed this poster by the optometry section.
Walmart may not sell vintage, but I'm happy to see they're encouraging retro and vintage inspired style for the Walmart customer and the masses! Even if it's only for eye wear.

mucho love,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cheap and Chic

Check out my latest thrift shopping & sales rack finds!

I recently went on a little trip by myself a week before the holidays to my usual thrift store, but for some reason it was closed that day. So I decided to stop by this Goodwill around the block, I usually don't like anything they have and most of the time the stuff is just junk. But I found some good stuff surprisingly!

Chinese Parasol $5
I've been needing a new one, and this one is lovely and it's practically unused! 

Plastic Colorful Earrings $1
I saw them and they seemed very Carmen Miranda and you know if it's anything to do with Carmen I love it!!

1950's Vintage Black Saucer Hat $5
At first I saw it sitting on a shelf and thought nothing of it, but I then  realized it was a black vintage saucer hat!! I had to have it! It was a total steal!

1950's Cha -Cha & Mambo Record . 50 cents
Boy I was happy to find this! I love older cha-cha and mambos and the fact that it has some of my favorite songs even better!
 The day after christmas a ton of retailers were having huge sales. I went for what people called Mega Monday. I went with my brother only to one store H&M. He wanted these coats and I just tagged along and look what I ended up leaving with!

Black  Fringe Cocktail Dress $10

Mini Straw Fedora and Red Flower Hat $5

Lanvin Petite

It's like they've captured me as a child!! And not much has changed haha
 Check out this completely adorable little video of pretty girls and lovely clothes!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tutti Frutti December Cutie

Just a very recent outfit post. It's been over 80 degrees here in LA, even though it's still considered winter time!
I guess with all this warm weather I was in a very summery, tropical and oh soo Carmen Miranda Mood!!

Dress- used to be my mother's from the 70's
Purse- vintage hand me down
Head Scarf- old fabric scrap
Shoes- I don't know, I've had them for years
Belt- vintage thrifted $1
Earrings- thrifted Goodwill $1

Holidays of 2011

Here's just a brief on some of the holiday activities for 2011
*there won't be a post for Thanksgiving, this year's turkey day was really casual in more ways than just dressing up haha

Independence  Day
For the 4th of July I did just the usual as every year! I attend my cousin's Barbeque Firework Extravaganza! There's always a massive amount of food, beer, fireworks, music, people and fun!! Plus this year I got extra patriotic with my wardrobe! I made and designed my entire ensemble for Independence Day!!

1940's Inspired Halter Top & Tap Shorts

The halter's fabric is 40's pinup girls with WWII bombers and american flags!! I love it, it was given to me by my aunt who had it leftover from her quilt making.

Some photos I shot that night.

You know what I realized I never talked about Halloween for 2010!! My cousin (the same one that host 4th of July) tends to have a huge halloween party every year, it's what he's known for!! There was no party for 2011, but last year there was and I was a chola! It was such an easy costume I just pulled things from my closet and it was really a lot of fun getting into character!!

Don't mess with me Puta! Damn I look all crazy Vatos Locos Blood In Blood Out status! haha

As for this year, it was pretty last minute I decided to be Lydia from the movie BeetleJuice.
Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz in BeetleJuice

Everything for my costume I had from home, including the camera it's my dad's vintage Nikon camera from the 1970's.

I went to a goth nightclub for the first time ever with my friend Nichollette, she dressed as Sally from  the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. I thought it was a pretty fun coincidence that we both dressed up as Tim Burton characters and went to a goth nightclub! How very fitting for Halloween! I've always wanted to go to a goth club, and it was pretty fun and pretty interesting I definitely have to try it out again sometime!

Inside the club

A girl dressed as the Snow Queen from the Narnia Chronicles, she was a lovely dancer

The Green Fairy. I had my first taste of absinthe. It was interesting, It taste a lot like licorice and I don't really enjoy the taste of licorice.

Christmas was the usual just spending a wonderful time with the family! It was fun eating plenty of great food and laughing as always. I don't really get into the christmas spirit much, but I was happy and thankful to spend another year with my loving family.

My family's little Charlie Brown Christmas tree at home

Myself on Christmas Eve at my Aunt's house, wearing a thrifted Isaac Mizrahi 50's/60's style dress that I bought for $7.

Some of my Christmas Gifts
A christmas gift from my cousin I've been wanting this movie for ages!! It's my favorite Monty film!

My mother gave me these cute high heel christmas ornaments from Avon. Aren't they adorable! I'd wear every one!

My great Aunt gave me this very cute floral rhinstone bangle. It's has some of my favorite things bright colors, flowers, rhinestones and it's a bangle! I think it's kind of Carmen Miranda-esque.

Wow! I was shocked when I opened my christmas gift from my neighbors. My very own designer cosmetic lipstick! A Chanel gold tube of matte red lipstick! I know they know I use Red, but matte! And have it be a designer lipstick too! Definitely the most shocking gift of the year! Thanks a ton!

(all photos by. Victoria Inez Rivera)


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Goodbye 2011!!

Will I miss it? No, not really! But it had it's ups and downs. It definitely was a year of learning experiences!
 Also a year of no social life what so ever, as you can tell from my blog neglect haha. Well I met some wonderful people this past year and was granted great opportunities too!
As for New Year's Eve, I didn't go out and I turned 21 this year too! I didn't put on a dress, high heels, glamourous makeup or hair decor. I spent it in jeans and a t-shirt watching movies with pizza and beer, wine and cupcakes! Then once 12 midnight hit this was literally me a few minutes later! haha seriously!

Oh and also today marks the 62nd Wedding Anniversary of my Grandpa Oscar and Grandma Victoria!!
That's pretty amazing! Even more amazing considering they were neighborhood friends and classmates since Elementary! Later today I will have a very very small celebration with them at their house.
Aren't they lovely?

Married at 19 yrs. old. New Year's Day 1950 Los Angeles, CA

As some of you may know, or I've hinted around I'm not the most optimistic person when it comes to myself. But to be honest 2012 seems pretty optimistic to me, I think and I hope things can only get better and I have a feeling they are!
I red this article that a friend of mine had posted on facebook, I will read it over and over, being that this could be some of the most helpful and inspiring information ever!

30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

I wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!
-much love