Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Goodbye 2011!!

Will I miss it? No, not really! But it had it's ups and downs. It definitely was a year of learning experiences!
 Also a year of no social life what so ever, as you can tell from my blog neglect haha. Well I met some wonderful people this past year and was granted great opportunities too!
As for New Year's Eve, I didn't go out and I turned 21 this year too! I didn't put on a dress, high heels, glamourous makeup or hair decor. I spent it in jeans and a t-shirt watching movies with pizza and beer, wine and cupcakes! Then once 12 midnight hit this was literally me a few minutes later! haha seriously!

Oh and also today marks the 62nd Wedding Anniversary of my Grandpa Oscar and Grandma Victoria!!
That's pretty amazing! Even more amazing considering they were neighborhood friends and classmates since Elementary! Later today I will have a very very small celebration with them at their house.
Aren't they lovely?

Married at 19 yrs. old. New Year's Day 1950 Los Angeles, CA

As some of you may know, or I've hinted around I'm not the most optimistic person when it comes to myself. But to be honest 2012 seems pretty optimistic to me, I think and I hope things can only get better and I have a feeling they are!
I red this article that a friend of mine had posted on facebook, I will read it over and over, being that this could be some of the most helpful and inspiring information ever!

30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

I wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!
-much love


  1. great post and great article. I can be so negative with myself as well. It doesn't come naturally for me to be nice to myself.

    What an adorable picture of your grandparents. I love those old pictures with the curtain in the background. I'll have to look and see what's in the background of my grandparents wedding picture.

  2. Thank you, yes we must be more optimstic about things. Best wishes for 2012! And thank you for thinking my grandparents wedding photo is just as lovely.


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