Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holiday's

I just want to wish everyone out there a Happy Holiday!!!
May it be wonderful and memorable!!

I'm really glad this Christmas has turned out better than I had expected, and It could only get better. I was soo worried my Grandma was in the hospital and may have needed brian surgery, but just yesterday evening she was sent back home and fine. That's what I really wanted for the holiday's, I can't imagine them without her! Not only that my oldest cat that I've had since childhood was really ill too, and I've noticed she's gotten better. However I was really thrilled this morning when I found her playing around, she hasn't done that in ages!!
Plus last night I had an amazing time at that Sweet & Tender Hooligans/Strangelove show!! It was very much needed and it was a beyond awesome show!! 
So don't forget that for the holiday's it's the little things that mean the most.

Oh and how can I not wish Happy Holiday's to all the DM Devotees out in the world!! I love you fellow Sister's and Brothers!! Have a very Merry Mode-mas!!

(Video made by Dominatrix Remix of Germany)

mucho love

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Victoria Vintage's New Look

Hello Everyone!! It's like I've been gone off the face of the earth for a few months already hasn't it! Since you really haven't seen a photo of me since July! I just thought I'd do a style update! Mainly with my hair I cut it in September for my birthday I wanted something new and  I was tired of doing the same old same old with it. So bye bye waist length hair, but not to worry. Since I never felt that I really appriciated my hair length (not to be confused with not loving my hair) I decided to donate it! I know some ill women or child would love it! It's 100 % Natural, undamaged virgin hair! They're going to be happy campers!

Here I am in August with my hair down. Most people wouldn't know it with my hair up all the time. On the rare occasion I would wear it down. I didn't really like to wear it down due to it getting it in the way of everything and it would get tangled so quickly. (oh and that top I'm wearing it's on of my own designs that I made!)

Here I am today!! Literally, well not literally I took this photo yesterday. I wish I had a better hair pic, but to be honest I haven't really had time, but you'll see many more "new" hair pics in the upcoming posts I'll do soon! It's so much easier to work with, and I can finally do some period hairstyles with it yay!! It sits on the shoulders with the front being slighty shorter. Quite a difference right? I cut about a foot off! So what do you guys think?


Upcoming Events

It's been awhile but here are some events that I will surely be attending and I think you'll like to attend them too!

Friday December 23, 2011

Valerie's Boulevard Vintage Shop
Huge Store Sale

Come check out this relatively new cute vintage shop in Whittier, CA. They have great items and at amazing prices!! They specialize in 1950's but carry garments from the 1940's -1960's  for Women and Men. I've bought a lovely Sapphire Blue Taffeta Late 1950's dress from them that I wore for a very special event (I'll be talking about that soon), and I only got it for $25!! Many beauty queens and pin ups have flocked to this shop. So this sale should not be missed!! Who knows you may find that last minute Holiday or New Year's dress you've been waiting for!!

Sweet and Tender Hooligans & Strangelove Show
at The House of Blues in Anahiem 

A promotional video

 I've totally waited for something like this to happen, it's a match made in tribute band heaven!! My two very favorite and some of the most beloved tribute bands around are coming together for a show on Christmas Eve-Eve at the House of Blues in Anaheim located at Downtown Disney, near Disneyland!! The Sweet and Tender Hooligans are an amazing Smiths and Morrissey tribute band well Strangelove is a phenomenal Depeche Mode tribute band!! These boys put all the effort and talent into this to guarantee you an unforgettable show!! So if you're a Smiths and DM fan this is a show not to be missed! I'm super excited and I can't wait!! It's a perfect christmas gift to myself and a great way to end the year.
*Ticket's are going fast, and it's sure to sell out get them while you can!*

I'll see you there!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm back!!

School is over!! I'm finally free, the Holiday and New Year are upon us and I have soo much to share and talk about!! Get Ready for a year of many overdue posts and new ones!!