Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lanvin; "Uno- Dos -Tres- Cuatro"

Today I saw this little piece of awesome! 
What could be better than beautiful Lanvin fashion, dancing models, including Karen Elson (I'm loving her look in that mustard dress!) and a dancing Alber Elbaz all getting down to Pitbull!! That's pretty fun and awesome to me! I'm loving all this fun, kooky creativity that design houses are coming up with, and Lanvin does not disappoint, they manage to merge everything I like into one, how do they do it?
I *heart* Lanvin!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

So Saucy

Hello everyone I'd just thought I'd share with you my latest vintage purchase! It's a late 1940's early 1950's Black Velvet Saucer Hat!! I'm soo in love with it and  I can't wait to wear it out! Oh and I got it for a steal only under $9.00! My brother thinks it looks like a UFO on my head, but I don't care! I absolutely, positively frekin LOVE saucer hats, I think they're incredibly chic and glamourous and I love how you can perch them on your head askew and it looks great! I can't wait too get my hands on some more!!

Other Saucers
If I can get my hands on a perfect straw saucer hat like Dita's I'd be completely overjoyed!!
I frekin love these Philip Treacy hats! I wish I had a dog just so we could match!
Isn't this one a beauty!
I really love Lady Gaga's saucer hat!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Strangelove at the OC Fair

Hey everyone how could I possibly forget to post this!!! July 28th I went to go see for the first time, which I can say this is truly, really the Ultimate and the best Depeche Mode tribute band ever!!! Really this is hands down thee best!! It really blows every other tribute band out of the water!! Seriously I really mean it, everything from sound, voice, visuals, wardrobe, stage presence, persona not to mention they're a handsome bunch, they're anything but a cover band! I'm friends with the band members and I know they have been in other DM tribute bands, but once the merged together they are truly, truly talented guys! It was going to be my first time seeing them play I was sooo excited and I'll be getting my DM fix!! They played a whole variety of DM songs throughout their career from the beginning to today! Even DM gems that Depeche doesn't even perform anymore! Like the usual I go to the shows by myself, but I don't mind it because I end up meeting old friends, meeting online friends for the first time and making new friends too and that's exactly what did!!!
Pictured with Strangelove
Left to Right: Alan Wildest, Counterfeit Martin, Devotional Dave and In The Fletch
I love you boys!

With my awesome friend and fellow Modie for life Jen! We first met at last year's OC fair DM tribute show. We had soo much fun dancing and singing the whole night!!

Me and my awesome new found friend that night, Amanda! I met her too at last year's show I photographed her my my blog and she remembered me! Here we are both showing off our outfits!

I really really had a great time singing and dancing and screaming my ass off!! I think most people might have thought I was crazy or they may have thought I was drunk (even though I hadn't been drinking at all lol).  First off my outfit was pretty strange for attending the fair, but it was sooo Depeche , plus all I did was attend the fair for the show lol! As soon as I walked in the hanger I caught the attention of these two very drunk guys who hoot and hollered at me, uh thanks for the compliment guys. Secondly I stood up, sang every word to every song, danced, jumped and shouted well practically everyone in my row was sitting down! It was great  to see a lot of people dancing and shouting too, how can you go to a DM show and just sit down it's not possible!!
Devotional Dave's outfit and the stage fan.. it soo reminds me of the concert footage from "101"!
Reminds me of  the "Behind The Wheel" music video
Personal Jesus, I loved that Freddie sang a bit in espanol!
Enjoy The Silence

Afterwards the band did a meet and greet with everyone, once the crowd died down I went over and  chatted for a little bit, told them it was great seeing them again (the last time I saw some of the band members was at the Smiths/Moz convention) I gave them nothing but praise and thanked them for an awesome time! It was soo much fun joking around with them too! It was my first time meeting 'In The Fletch'  he's a very funny and sweet guy!
With the boys, pictured without "Alan Wildest" they made a pretty funny Alan Wilder/Recoil Joke haha
In The Fletch & Counterfeit Martin chatting  while they sign autographs at the merchandise booth!

Some footage shot of Strangelove at the OC fair

The Sun And The Rainfall
(Shot by me)

People Are People

Personal Jesus
(See if you can catch the snippet where it's in spanish!)

Shake The Disease



It's No Good

Enjoy The Silence
(You can see me at 23 seconds recording I'm wearing the big bow)

Fly On The Windscreen
( I was soo thrilled when they played this!)

I really can't wait too see them again, the whole weekend I was on this DM high, it really was like experiencing the real Depeche Mode they're that good! Most of their shows have been at venues that are far from me and end up being 21 + so I'm really hoping  more all age shows pop up soon, they're playing on my birthday this year! Maybe I'll spend my 21st birthday singing to Depeche again?!
 Anywho if you really love DM and you like getting your DM fix, 80's fix or you just love music I really recommend you see Strangelove! They are definitely thee best!!
Mode on fellow Devotees!
(All photos by. Victoria Inez Rivera)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mad Men Collection at Banana Republic

Did somebody say Mad Men? Just who doesn't love the famous hit tv show Mad Men?! I can now finally catch up with all the seasons on Netflix and I'm loving every minute of it!! But if the Mad Men franchise put their name on everything I'm sure I'll buy it up, so when I was flipping through my mom's Oprah magazine and noticed an ad for Banana Republic's Mad Men collection I was soo thrilled!
Finally!! This  is what the world needs less drabby modern and more classic chic!! Don't get me wrong I like a fair share of modern things and clothing and I love to see what's new with the latest designers, but when the fashion world brings back retro, oh you know I'm celebrating!! I personally don't shop at BR, but they do have great well made clothes for a decent price.. I just can't afford it. But believe me if I had some cash I'd definitely go down to the Banana Republic and buy some of this cute stuff up! Oh and it's not just for the ladies, boys grab that skinny tie and slim suit and look fabulous!
I thank the tv gods for a show like Mad Men because everyday it makes the world of today seem like 1960!

I'm loving the advertisements!

They've broken it down just for you!

I think I might like the mens clothing more than the womens?

Two favorite looks from the collection

Be sure to check out the website:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Featured In: La Cosmopolatina: Many Faces of Latinas

I am beyond thrilled, happy, excited and very proud to be featured on the website La Cosmopolatina
If you're not familiar with La Cosmopolatina, they're a great website for the modern latina, everything from fashion, news, people everything! They have their usual feature of Many Faces of Latinas it shows just how diverse latinas can be!  It's not really a self promoting business thing or anything like that, it's just a small glimpse into the lives of many latin women and what being a latina means to themselves. It's fun to see how different in many ways latinas can be, but on a more serious note it shatters the stereotypes. So not only me, but a small handful of other lovely women were picked out to do this, it makes me especially proud because often I always have this constant internal battle of never being good enough and there have been times in my life were I'm not accepted because of  "not being latina enough"! This just proves there's no such thing!!
 Thank you La Cosmopolatina and be sure to check out the post here!

with mucho love


Last month I went to my Uncle's 50th Birthday Celebration held at his wife's family owned restaurant. It was a semi formal event, I'm guessing cocktail but I really pulled out all the stops! Going all out into vintage glamour mode!! I think this has to be the most glamourous I've ever been? I didn't even look this good when I attended prom! Wearing a dead stock (with tags intact) 1960's vintage evening gown that I scored for $5 at the thrift store, 1950's vintage fur cover up that was a family giveaway, vintage handbag $3 from the thrift store, designer heels $5 from the thrift store, and don't forget perfectly painted lips and nails!
Enjoy the pics! 
It's not easy being a GlamourPuss, but someone has to do it! haha


Strike a pose, haha ( man my face looks ridiculous)! Parking Lot High Fashion!

No pictures please!

Everyone has a sweet, funny, extra loveable crazy Tia in their family! This is mine, my Tia Margarita! We love a lot of the same things, like the 40's and Dancing! So I took her out on the dance floor, for some Glen Miller! (I just decided, in the future I want to be my family's crazy Tia!)

Towards the end of the night I was falling apart on the dance floor!

Sequins, beading and chiffon! Oh my!

Who's that classy dame?

"What the..."

Say hello to East LA's classiest hyna!! 
(This has got to be one of my most favorite pictures ever!)

Sometimes being this glamourous can make any well composed girl, cranky!

-mucho love

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday Lucille Ball

Lucille Desiree Ball
August 5, 1911 - April 26, 1989

Today marks the 100th Birthday of the very talented, and how can we forget very funny, that famous red head Lucille Ball!! Of course everyone knows her from the famous, hilarious and hit TV show I Love Lucy. However, I thought I'd share with you some clips of Lucy in her earlier career during the 1940's, still just as funny and beautiful! Be sure to check out the Google homepage today it's very cute! And I've also posted a video of a Lucille Ball Hair Tutorial brought to by Lisa Freemont Street! Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Lucy, may you rest in peace! We'll always love you! 

Dance Girl, Dance
(This clip is great!! It reminds me of myself lol)

 This is another really great clip from Dance, Girl Dance! Lucy is soo playful, sexy and seductive! You're going to have to turn the volume up for this one.

 Ziegfield Follies.

Easy To Wed

Never fear, I put an I Love Lucy video! I thought this video is pretty cute, clips of Lucy and Desi dancing, plus the outfits in these clips are awesome!!

Lisa Freemont Street's I Love Lucy hair tutorial

Monday, August 1, 2011

He's Like The Man Of My Dreams & He's From My Hood!

Hello Everyone I just thought I'd do this quick post I saw this online article and thought it was pretty fun and hilarious to begin with and once I noticed a specific feature I just had to share it!!
The LA Weekly Magazines' online blog Style Council released an article on July 27th 2011 titled,
"Six LA Neighborhoods With The Most Distinctive Fashion Styles"
And which neighborhood happens to be number 5? My hood, East LA!!! Just what are they going to feature some classic cholo style, some crazy paisa norteno goodness?? No, surprisingly and very much to my liking they featured this:
East LA Greaser/ Goth

Drawing by. Jason Levesque
Uniform: Cuffed Levis; black Creepers; black T-shirt with skull motif; slicked-back hair; sleeve tattoo, including spiderweb elbow; leather cuff watch; crucifix necklace; black nail polish; Pendleton jacket; a Latina gal in a leopard-print dress on his arm
Shops at: Glory, Iguana Vintage, Target, Hot Topic (but won't admit it)
Hangs at: Little Cave, Eastside Luv, Spikes in Rosemead, Lucha Va Voom, any burlesque show
Listens to/watches: Social Distortion, the Misfits, the Cramps, the Smiths
Trending: Less Fonz, more fun with nostalgic rawk style. A blending of the usual '50s looks with '70s garage/punk gear and '80s androgyny, including more spiky stuff, tighter pants and longer hair
Fashion philosophy: As Johnny Thunders said, always dress "L.A.M.F." (Like a Mother Fucker).

Oh man when I saw this I burst into laughter!! He's literally like most of the guys I've fallen for that are not only from East LA, but just the types of guys that sometimes catch my attention! He's like the man of my dreams bahahaha!!! It's great though, I really love seen a representation of the whole East Los alternative scene that started with those Rebels way back when! (By the way do you remember when I talked about Rebels last, in my Steve Naghavi post?) How cute is he with his cuffed jeans, Creepers, slicked hair, nail polish (woo extra points being a goth cutie!) and how can you forget the very "original" Spiderweb tattoo!! We even shop and hang out at the same places! (Hot Topic, hell no! That place used to be good back when you could get a decent band shirt which was a very, very long time ago!) Taste in music, ehh he needs to work on that if he wants to be with me! Drop Social D and The Misfits for some Depeche, Cure, and a great Psychobilly band like Batmobile and we'll talk!!  Oh man this cracked me up, and yeah I'm not gonna lie, yes I tend to fall for guys like this at times. Oh how embarrassing, am I in love with a cliche! lol But you know what would have been even better? If they featured The Cholobilly!! (If you have no idea what a cholobilly is, I'm just going to have to rant about it soon!) lol 
Have fun reading the rest of the neighborhoods I know I did!