Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Featured In: La Cosmopolatina: Many Faces of Latinas

I am beyond thrilled, happy, excited and very proud to be featured on the website La Cosmopolatina
If you're not familiar with La Cosmopolatina, they're a great website for the modern latina, everything from fashion, news, people everything! They have their usual feature of Many Faces of Latinas it shows just how diverse latinas can be!  It's not really a self promoting business thing or anything like that, it's just a small glimpse into the lives of many latin women and what being a latina means to themselves. It's fun to see how different in many ways latinas can be, but on a more serious note it shatters the stereotypes. So not only me, but a small handful of other lovely women were picked out to do this, it makes me especially proud because often I always have this constant internal battle of never being good enough and there have been times in my life were I'm not accepted because of  "not being latina enough"! This just proves there's no such thing!!
 Thank you La Cosmopolatina and be sure to check out the post here!

with mucho love

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