Monday, August 1, 2011

He's Like The Man Of My Dreams & He's From My Hood!

Hello Everyone I just thought I'd do this quick post I saw this online article and thought it was pretty fun and hilarious to begin with and once I noticed a specific feature I just had to share it!!
The LA Weekly Magazines' online blog Style Council released an article on July 27th 2011 titled,
"Six LA Neighborhoods With The Most Distinctive Fashion Styles"
And which neighborhood happens to be number 5? My hood, East LA!!! Just what are they going to feature some classic cholo style, some crazy paisa norteno goodness?? No, surprisingly and very much to my liking they featured this:
East LA Greaser/ Goth

Drawing by. Jason Levesque
Uniform: Cuffed Levis; black Creepers; black T-shirt with skull motif; slicked-back hair; sleeve tattoo, including spiderweb elbow; leather cuff watch; crucifix necklace; black nail polish; Pendleton jacket; a Latina gal in a leopard-print dress on his arm
Shops at: Glory, Iguana Vintage, Target, Hot Topic (but won't admit it)
Hangs at: Little Cave, Eastside Luv, Spikes in Rosemead, Lucha Va Voom, any burlesque show
Listens to/watches: Social Distortion, the Misfits, the Cramps, the Smiths
Trending: Less Fonz, more fun with nostalgic rawk style. A blending of the usual '50s looks with '70s garage/punk gear and '80s androgyny, including more spiky stuff, tighter pants and longer hair
Fashion philosophy: As Johnny Thunders said, always dress "L.A.M.F." (Like a Mother Fucker).

Oh man when I saw this I burst into laughter!! He's literally like most of the guys I've fallen for that are not only from East LA, but just the types of guys that sometimes catch my attention! He's like the man of my dreams bahahaha!!! It's great though, I really love seen a representation of the whole East Los alternative scene that started with those Rebels way back when! (By the way do you remember when I talked about Rebels last, in my Steve Naghavi post?) How cute is he with his cuffed jeans, Creepers, slicked hair, nail polish (woo extra points being a goth cutie!) and how can you forget the very "original" Spiderweb tattoo!! We even shop and hang out at the same places! (Hot Topic, hell no! That place used to be good back when you could get a decent band shirt which was a very, very long time ago!) Taste in music, ehh he needs to work on that if he wants to be with me! Drop Social D and The Misfits for some Depeche, Cure, and a great Psychobilly band like Batmobile and we'll talk!!  Oh man this cracked me up, and yeah I'm not gonna lie, yes I tend to fall for guys like this at times. Oh how embarrassing, am I in love with a cliche! lol But you know what would have been even better? If they featured The Cholobilly!! (If you have no idea what a cholobilly is, I'm just going to have to rant about it soon!) lol 
Have fun reading the rest of the neighborhoods I know I did!

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  1. Hahahay, this is hilarious, I'm looking at the Sanfernando one all my cousins dress like that,lol
    I wish they did norteno guys.


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