Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Some inspiration for today I shall pay tribute to great american & style  icon Little Edie Bouvier Beale!
With a fabulous headscarf, amazing dance, little flag and maybe some sparklers too!
Enjoy and stay safe!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm Vending at Ink N' Iron!

Exciting news everyone! I'll be vending vintage for the first time and at Ink N Iron!!
This coming weekend is the annual Ink N' Iron festival on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California
 I'm pretty darn excited this year because I'll be helping my friend sell vintage clothing! In a way I'm kind of like her vintage inspector as she likes to call me "The Professional" hahaha I'll be helping her vend and organize so be sure to stop at her booth Got Vintage located in the new vintage bazaar all 3 days!! She'll have vintage clothing for Woman & Men, handbags, hats and accessories!!
 If you don't see me at the booth I'll be roaming around or dancing somewhere so stop and say hello!
Pretty soon i'll be selling vintage myself in a variety of sizes and decades, as well as retro accessories and handmade items. So stay tuned, this is just the beginning of Victoria vending vintage!

For more info about Ink N Iron and Got Vintage, check out these sites:


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello June

Hello everyone! My apologies again for going on another month long hiatus! 
May has been a lot of fun! Practically every weekend  has been filled with nothing but DM related events, my gothy side is coming out more and my vintage side has been somewhat taking a break. But I like to change it up every now and then. It's definitely been  a partying month! I have soo much to tell you, fab finds and outfits, past events and upcoming events, great opportunities and encounters and of course my ongoing obsessions and ramblings!!
I'm back everyone, Happy June & Summer is on it's way!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday Dave Gahan

Dave (David) Gahan
May 9, 1962

Happy Birthday Dave Gahan!! Happy Dave Day and a Happy Dave Day to Russian Devotees!!
It's here!! I've been counting down the days as if it were christmas!! Today is a great day in DM and Music history! Lead singer and frontman of Depeche Mode, our Devotees 'Personal Jesus' Celebrates his 50th Birthday!!
He has sang to us, he has danced for us, he has understood us and saved us!! The greatest frontman of all time has died and come back and it's truly a miracle he's with us today! After surviving drug addiction and an overdose in the ealry to mid 90's and his heath and cancer scares on the last DM tour in 2009, I'm really grateful he's still with us. I don't think I could express the many thoughts and feelings I have for Depeche Mode and their music, other that they for me or the closest thing to godliness. Being that I look to their music in times of hope, pain, and happiness.

I created this back in 2010 when I saw one similar for Morrissey. I've noticed it's spread around the world with DM fans, I've pleased that everyone feels the same!

A picture of Dave when he was baby, how adorable!

Oh look at all those cute Russian Dave look a likes!! Here's an excerpt from the documentary "The Posters Came From The Walls" a brilliant film made about DM fans around the world. It was only screened in certain cities around the world and has not been released on dvd. I was fortunate to go to one of the screenings when it was released back in 2010. For those that Don't know Dave Day is a term coined by Russian Devotees, who celebrate Daves birthday in the streets of Russia, which also happens to be the same day as their national military day. I think more US fans should start having DM parades in the middle of the streets! Some of my Russian friends tell me it's not like how it used to be anymore but, darn those Russians stay devoted!! I love you Russsian Devotees!!

A Beautifully made tribute video for Dave!

Here is an awesome fan made video for Dave's 50th!!

Happy Birthday Dave Gahan!!
Wearing my 'Girls Gahan Wild' shirt by SlickMode and my custom buttons I made with Dave's cake

My custom bottle cap buttons made and designed by me

Voila! Dave's 50th Birthday Cake with a version of the Violator Rose

I baked Dave a cake, like I always do! I think my cakes are getting better if you ask me! I also always wear my Girls Gahan Wild shirt and my custom made DM & Dave pins!! If you've noticed I even altered my blog playlist to feature Dave & DM songs. Today I'm celebrating by blasting Depeche Mode and Dave's music at all hours of the day, spreading the good word of DM & Dave and going out for Depeche Mode Karaoke tonight at the local bar Eastside Luv! (which now sadly isn't happening do to my depressed state due to some upsetting news, but like always DM is there to comfort me)

Have a Black Celebration Tonight!

Happy Birthday Dave Gahan!!
I love you soo much thank you for doing all that you do with your music!!
Happy Dave Day Devotees!!
Mode On & Stay Devoted

***Later in the week for Dave's Birthday there was a Black Celebration at The New Wave Bar with a special DJ set and performance by Devotional Dave of the Depeche Mode Tribute band Strangelove!***
 I made some custom Dave Gahan Birthday Cupcakes!

 With Devotional Dave of Strangelove at the New Wave Bar

Devotional Dave shows off his new Gahan Tattoo and belts out Dave's solo work

Devotional Dave debut performance of Dave Gahan's "Saw Something"

For the first time Devotional Dave beautifully performs the song "Nostalgia"

(photos & video by Victoria Inez Rivera)

Much Love,

Friday, May 4, 2012

Upcoming Events

May 4th
Das Bunker: Star Wars Night

If you're a Star Wars Nerd and love some industrial music like myself, then you won't want to miss this event at this world famous nightclub!! I've never been to the club, but I've always wanted to go! Once I found out about this event I just had too go!! Unfortunately I don't think I could make it out. Check out the dancing in that video, nothing but strobe lights in a dark room oh yes!!
 Only $10 and 18+ Early arrival strongly suggested!

Rhythm N Booze presents:
Pre Cinco De Mayo Fiesta with Pachuco Jose y Los Diamantes

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in advance! With Pachuco Jose!! It's time for some swinging, strolling, jiving and bopping at Spikes for what's sure to be a fun night of dancing and singing with an awesome band and djs!

May 5th- 6th
Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo
The vintage expo is here yet again!! Celebrate Cinco De Mayo while shopping or pick out a Mothers Day gift or just spoil yourself!! You never know who or what you'll find or bump into at the vintage expo!! It's a complete treasure trove!!

May 6th
Part Time Punks: Depeche Mode Night
Dave Gahan's 50th Birthday Celebration
Yes!!! I'll be here for sure!! Part Time Punks host DM Night in celebration for Dave Gahan's 50th birthday!! Dance the way to a night full of DM plus other synthy beats and songs! Oh and Dave Gahan cutout will be there to take pictures with, yay!!

May 10th
Morrissey-oke at Eastside Luv

Morrissey to be found in the eastside? It's inevitable with all us Latinos in love with him!! Eastside Luv, an awesome little wine and cheese bar dedicated to to love and culture of the Boyle Heights and East LA neighborhoods! They've hosted the famous Morrissey-oke! Were fans belt out nothing but Smiths & Moz songs and without monitors! They celebrate they're 1 year anniversary! I've never been to this bar, I've always wanted to and know I'm finally legal too haha So this is an event I don't want to miss!

May 11th
Dave Gahan's 50th Birthday Celebration 
with Devotional Dave at the New Wave Bar

Yes!!! This is surely a unique event not to be missed at all!! One night only, with a very special performance for the greatest of Black Celebrations!! Celebrate Dave Gahan's 50th Birthday with a special performance and DJ set by Devotional Dave of Strangelove!! Not only will there be singing, dancing and celebrating the worlds greatest frontman for the greatest band ever, but I'll be providing some very special Dave Gahan cupcakes, so get them while you can!!!! I bet there will be much much more than what you'll be expecting!! I'll be seeing you there!!

May 11th- 12th
Dita Von Teese presents: Strip Strip Horray!
at the House of Blues Hollywood

Boy am I excited for this! Beautiful, exciting and glamorous women undressing under the spotlights! But not just anyone Dita Von Teese and her amazing lineup of performers!! Dita performs in LA two back to back nights!! This will be my first time seeing Dita, even though I've met her three times, I can finally see what she does for a living!! I"m pretty excited to see all the glamour so up close and personal and plus all the other amazing talent that will be there!! I've had the chance to see the outstanding Perle Noire at the Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Showcase and I was blown away!! I can't wait to see more!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dior + Depeche

"All I ever wanted, all I ever needed..."
I was completely overjoyed when I saw this video, it's like someone said let's make Victoria's Day!
My favorite fashion house and my favorite band merged together! And not only that featuring my favorite song!! Yes! It's a match made in Fashion Heaven! After all  Depeche Mode (Fast Fashion) got it's name from a French Fashion magazine!
I thank Dior immensely for doing this, someone there is a DM fan!!

Song Featured:
Depeche Mode 'Enjoy The Silence'

with love

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Bettie Page

Happy Birthday Bettie!!
Today the Pinup Queen would've been 89 years old!
Here's to the timeless, beautiful, sexy, inspirational legend Bettie Page!

How awesome is this!! Bettie page & Depeche Mode!! It's a match made in heaven!!
This is a fan made music video with clips from the film "The Notorious Bettie Page" staring Gretchen Mol set to the Depeche Mode B-side song "Happiest Girl" which is one of my all time favorite songs ever!!

with love

Friday, April 20, 2012

Upcoming Events

Friday April 20th
Berlin with Strangelove at the House of Blues Anaheim
Tonight!! Be ready for an awesome show with 80's legends Berlin!!
 I'll see you there!

The Chit Chat Club Presents : The Quebe Sisters
It's Western Night at the Chit Chat Club with amazing band The Quebe Sisters!!
I wish I could be there!

Saturday April 21st
The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra at the Historic Fox Theatre in Pomona

Dance to the Amazing Bill Elliot Swing Orch. at the historic Art Deco Fox Theatre! It'll be like stepping right into the 1940's! Dine and Dance at this fundraiser to help preserve this historic landmark!

Saturday April 28th
The 17th Annual Uptown Whittier Spring Antique Faire
Antiques, Vintage, Contests, Food, Fun and more!! Come down to the Annual Spring Antique Faire!! Enjoy the entertainment, the crowd and all that vintage!! You never know what treasure you'll find for a steal!

Sunday April 29th
2012 Smiths/Morrissey Convention
The 2012 Smiths Morrissey convention is here!! Dance and enjoy 6 full hours of non stop Smiths and Moz!! Djs, Bands, Contests, Giveaways, Merchandise and more!! I'll be sure to see you there!!

Here is a small clip I shot at last years convention of the always popular and amazing These Charming Men!
Here is some footage I shot at the 2010 convention at the early hours of  the morning when the crowd that's left is dancing.

Jukebox Jumping & Bloody Sundays at Vertigo's Nightclub
Rockabilly and 80's!! Is that not a perfect combo? Presenting every Sunday night at Vertigo's nightclub in Downtown LA. Featuring Live DJ's, Bands and much more! Plus it's 18 & up!

Richard Halpren's Hollywood Cavalcade at the Cicada Club
It's time for another night of  Richard Halpren's Hollywood Cavalcade!! Dine, Dance and Listen to tunes of the 1920's and 1930's, with special guests and performers you'll never know who'll stop by! Get you're Charleston on!
(I posted a clip of the last Hollywood Cavalcade I attended, You can catch me dancing at 51:06 hahaha with my lovely friend the "San Francisco Song Bird', Mikal Sandoval! I'm wearing the coral evening gown!)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Upcoming Event: Depeche Mode Dance Party

Depeche Mode Dance Party

It's Friday the 13th, it's dark and raining plus it's DM night so put on your Black clothes and Dance!!
Devotional Dave of the DM tribute Strangelove plays a special Dj set at Club 1984 for DM and 80's all night long!!
 I'll see you there!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Today I Lost My Longtime Friend

Today I lost my furry family member of 16 years, my cat Friskie.
 My father gave her and her sister Patches (she passed in 2006) to me when I was six years old. They were just two stray little kittens and they became my childhood friends all the way until today. Friskie was very ill and she was quite old. Last night I shared my final goodbyes with her. She passed in her sleep sometime early this morning, I'm just happy she isn't suffering anymore as she couldn't walk or eat anymore. I loved her very and her sister Patches very very much.
May she rest in peace she will be forever missed.

all my love 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Drinks With Don Draper

It's been a week since the season 5 premiere of Mad Men, and tonight there's a new episode!! I can't wait!
Have a drink with you Mr. Draper? Don't mind If I do.

Oh and as for those drinks with Don, I was bored one day and decided to finally "Mad Men" myself!! I think it kind of resembles me, I have a dress very similar to that and the purse too. And I'll think I'll skip the martini and go for the Blood Mary, I love those!
Lately I've been very 60's inspired, I'm not that into 60's like I used to be back in my Juinor year of High School. Granted I still love them!! Fashion, music, design, colors those avocado greens and mustard yellows! But lately I've been putting extra coats of eyeliner, listening to 60's french pop and I think it has a lot to do with this scene from Mad Men's first episode of season five.

The Zou Bisou Dress!!
Now a days I wouldn't really be drawn to 60's shift/Mod dresses , but I really want this dress for myself, I think I'm going to try and recreate it.

with love

January Nights

It's a Saturday night (or should I say sunday morning?) and I'm home. It's raining so it's the perfect excuse, but that's usually how I spend my weekends. I'm not dying to be this party monster, I just miss January. I never really went to an actual nightclub before. You know the kind that are jam packed with people, music blaring and a million strobe lights! During that month all I did was go to all sorts of clubs and bars! Weekends and Weekdays. The energy and all night dancing with old friends making new ones!!
Like one of my favorite Iggy Pop songs, I kind of miss it.

Drinks with my long time Best Friend Ashley  & Watching DM tribute band Strangelove 
at The Slidebar

My first actual "nightclub" at the world famous club/bar/restaurant The Abbey

Myself and friends Ernie & Christina dancing at the opening of the Electro Swing club, Confidential

With my longtime friend since Junior High, Miguel, reunited for drinks and dancing at The One Eyed Gypsy for 60's night, plus cute (and my first time) photo booth snapshots

With my awesome friends Carlos & Ralph at Part Time Punks for some of my fav and awesome bands Violet Tremors, Soft Metals & Blouse

Friday, March 30, 2012

Upcoming Events


Friday 30th
Chit Chat Club Featuring
Jonathan Stout & His Campus Five
Held at the beautiful and Historical Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles come down dance, dine, watch and  listen at the Chit Chat Club! With great music everything from 1940's- 1960's, Western Swing to Rhythm & Blues! Check out the Cinema Cabaret, the bands, the drinks and the new dinner menu!
I'll be seeing you there!!
Check out footage of Jonathan Stout & His Campus Five

Devotional Dave from Strangelove Special DJ set at the New Wave Bar

Not only is Devotional Dave (real name Freddie Morales) a fantastic Dave Gahan impersonator and singer, but he's also an awesome DJ! Check out his awesome 80's/ DM Dj set at one of the a totally 80's kitsch bar, where everything on the menu is 80's inspired! I recommend trying their cocktail the "Depeche Mode"!! Plus their margaritas are delish!! Plus there's no cover!!

Saturday 31st
5th Annual Latino Rockabilly Festival
The 5th Annual Latino Rockabilly Festival is here! Held annually at Pitzer College every year, it gets bigger and better each time and it's always tons of fun!! I always attend but this year I won't be making an appearance due to my busy schedule, so everyone go and have fun for me!
Here are pics of last years festival.

(all pictures by Angel Rivera)


Thursday 5th - Sunday 8th
15th Annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender
Viva is here!!! Woo!! And It's my first time!! Party at the biggest Rockabilly Reunion/Festival ever!! Tickets are already sold out, but you can buy tickets for the Saturday Car show.
 I'll see you there and remember say hi!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Timer at Viva Las Vegas

(Sorry for the very low amount of posts, now I have all the time in the world but hardly do any posting!)

So guess what everybody, I'm going to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender!! 
Yay!! It'll be my first time and I'm soo excited! I've always wanted to go, but I never really had the money plus being underage and without a fake ID, even though I look older I don't think that would've been a problem hahaha
I don't know what to expect other than a bunch of my friends who have gone numerous times say that it's fun all day long and all night!! Oh and it's like a huge fashion show so to speak, everyone wears their best stuff! I'm kind of unprepared in the wardrobe dept. mostly everyone plans months in advance, It's about two weeks before the event and can you believe I don't have everything together!? I'm not too worried, I think I'll have some good stuff so far. I'm just missing my most important look, my saturday night outfit, ahh!! Plus I'm going to be coordinating with my new vintage gal pals!!
We met at the Air Raid in February (which I haven't even posted about shame on me!!) they are friends of friends and we clicked perfectly! As a group of girls we represent G.V.B which stands for 
"Ghetto Vintage Bitches"
This is us at the Air Raid, From left to right: Me, my new friend Julie, our awesome friend Christina and my new friends Corina, Joanna and Keren. 
(We're missing our friend Crystal in the pic.)

Hahaha, but that's something I'll talk about later. I'm just really excited I'm going! I'll be dancing all night, partying with awesome friends, checking out everyone's wardrobe and cute boys too! Plus I'm single and 21 years old in Vegas anything can happen!! Haha
By the way I'm hoping to bump into a few fellow bloggers and blogging queens out there!!
I'll see you at Viva!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Violator

Depeche Mode Violator March 19th 1990
Today the Depeche Mode Violator Album turns 22!
This album practically sealed the deal as Depeche Mode being world wide stars and musicians!!
Arguably their best album ever and certainly an amazing and inspirational album at that! With all kinds of bands and singers covering songs off this album, everyone from Marilyn Manson to Hilary Duff! It also features probably the most well known/popular/famous DM songs out there like Personal Jesus and Enjoy The Silence!!
Also probably the most favorite album artwork ever, done by artist Anton Corbijn!! Oh and music videos too!
It's my personal favorite DM album even though that might sound very cliche. I feel a special connection to it, the month and year it was released was the same as I was conceived, it's the first album that introduced me to DM's music. My all time favorite DM songs including my favorite B sides too are on that album and the song "Waiting For The Night"  was released on single the day before I was born! As for the album artwork and music videos they're some of my favorite ever and the album cover symbolizes a lot for me,I plan on getting the Violator Rose tattooed sometime (even though that's like the most popular DM tattoo ever!)
So here's to the renowned DM album Violator!!
Celebrate by wearing a "Clean" "Blue Dress" with your "Personal Jesus" while "Waiting For The Night" you could "Enjoy The Silence", that would be the "Sweetest Perfection".

I wish I could've been there!! It was craziness, where later on a riot started!!
Violator Fever!!

For my Fashion Program at School there was a theme category where you pick an artist and a song and design a piece that was inspired by it. I picked Depeche Mode and the song Personal Jesus!
This is what I came up with a reflection of the band and the song!

With mucho Mode love