Sunday, April 1, 2012

January Nights

It's a Saturday night (or should I say sunday morning?) and I'm home. It's raining so it's the perfect excuse, but that's usually how I spend my weekends. I'm not dying to be this party monster, I just miss January. I never really went to an actual nightclub before. You know the kind that are jam packed with people, music blaring and a million strobe lights! During that month all I did was go to all sorts of clubs and bars! Weekends and Weekdays. The energy and all night dancing with old friends making new ones!!
Like one of my favorite Iggy Pop songs, I kind of miss it.

Drinks with my long time Best Friend Ashley  & Watching DM tribute band Strangelove 
at The Slidebar

My first actual "nightclub" at the world famous club/bar/restaurant The Abbey

Myself and friends Ernie & Christina dancing at the opening of the Electro Swing club, Confidential

With my longtime friend since Junior High, Miguel, reunited for drinks and dancing at The One Eyed Gypsy for 60's night, plus cute (and my first time) photo booth snapshots

With my awesome friends Carlos & Ralph at Part Time Punks for some of my fav and awesome bands Violet Tremors, Soft Metals & Blouse

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