Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Oh Valentine's Day all is love love love!! How about yuck! I've never really liked Valentine's Day or should I say loved it? Typical chocolates, roses, cards  stuffed teddy bears and jewelry. How very cliche! I hate that people feel the need to only have this one day to share how they feel about you, or maybe it's the expectation of hey It's my job as a friend,boyfriend or husband to give you something. I've shared cards and given gifts to friends and loved ones on Valentine's Day sure. But if I had a significant other, (which sadly I've never had, honest) if I didn't receive anything from them on Valentine's, but out of any other random day of the year I was gifted with flowers, or just the simplest little gift out of thoughtfulness, even the smallest note of " I love you".. that to me would mean much much more than receiving a stuffed bear and chocolates. Be thankful you have someone's love, be grateful.  I can't stand when women are like "All I got was this necklace! I wanted a bigger diamond blah blah blah" or "I want this, get me this" Shove it! It's the thought that counts, but yet consumerism and media has tapped into the minds of everyone. So sad.

My feelings on V day doesn't mean I'm a cold hearted love hating person. Oh no I consider myself to be an absolute hopeless romantic! I love LOVE!! I'm not talking about cutesy lovey dovey immature crap with pet names and annoying bull crap save that for junior high!! (sorry) I mean real love romantic love. It gets me every time.  I believe I can be quite the romantic person, I tell you if  I was a man I'd have them swooning haha By all means if you love the holiday celebrate with all the love you want!
So just how am I going to spend my Valentine's Day?
I'll be dragging my lonely behind, by myself most likely, to go see my one of my all time favorite movies, "Sixteen Candles". AMC Theaters across the country have decided to have special selected showings of the John Hughes Teen 1980's classic "Sixteen Candles" for Valentines Day. It's sooo hilarious, and if you've ever been a teenage girl or a teenager in general you'll totally connect with this film. Even though I have the movie and I've seen it about a gazillion times, I'll have to see it on the big screen! So if your single or have a significant other and nothing to do go try and catch the film and have a laugh! Why can't we all have our own Jake Ryan? haha

And Besides that I'll be crying my lonely heart out listening to Chet Baker,haha

I've found myself in the mood for classic cute 80's pop, particularly Madonna. So I find this tune to be perfect for today.

Love you all ~Victoria

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Carmen Miranda

Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha
"Carmen Miranda"
February 9, 1909 - August 5, 1955

I absolutely adore this woman!! Everything about her!! She is definitely one of my idols and all time style inspirations. I remember when I was a little kid I would put bananas on my head and try to balance them, haha. I also remember when I was a Girl Scout we had an International themed dinner and we had to come dressed in a  country's native or type of of clothing. I told my mother I wanted to be the lady with the fruit on her head that sings and dances (I didn't know her name then, or I just kept forgetting?)  So my mother made my costume like Carmen Miranda who's style came from the Afro Brazilian Capoeira/ Samba culture. She was so fun, so unique and vibrant!! She was the whole package and had true talent. She sang, danced, acted, designed her outfits, was completely beautiful, funny, unique, a bombshell, stylish... I can go on about how marvelous she was, Carmen was a true artist. The constant inspiration she's been to myself and others! I will always, always love her!!!

Her style and talent never seizes to amaze me!!
Big Hair, Big Accessories, Big Smile, Big Personality

I want all of her shoes!!! And her awesome huge pompadour!!

Can I just have this outfit already?

Oh Oh I want this entire ensemble!!

Other's Inspired By Carmen Miranda

My very very favorite cartoon Tom and  Jerry, in this episode "Baby Puss" from 1943 one of the cats teasing Tom does a very cute Miranda imitation, singing probably my favorite and the most popular Miranda song "Mamae Eu Quero".

The very hilarious Lucille Ball in the classic american tv show "I Love Lucy" in this episode "Be a Pal" from 1951. Lucy thinks  her husband Ricky misses his native country, Cuba, so she decided to bring "Cuba" to him. Doing a hilarious imitation of Carmen Miranda singing yet again, "Mamae Eu Quero".

On a season of the tv show "America's Next Top Model" a few year's back the contestant's were given the challenge of embodying Carmen Miranda, all of which had no idea who she was until they mention "Chiquita Banana".  Ladies how can you not know??!! Ugh, any who I for one loved contestant Fo, and thought she pulled off Carmen well, even it was too literal. Yeah, Carmen would never be caught dead in sneakers and sweats! Fun and Glamour are what Carmen was all about!

Fruit company "Chiquita Banana" and the iconic image and song, with this made for theaters commercial from the 1940's. I have a feeling Miss Miranda was the inspiration!

My Carmen Miranda Inspired Outfit 

I'm a Chica Chica Boom Chic!! Wearing my hair in a bumper bang style with Lime Green accessories, Vintage faux tortoise shell plastic hoop earrings, Vintage Blouse, Black Pencil skirt and 1940's style leather wedges.

My Carmen pose, haha! 

Carmen Miranda's signature, hand & footprints at  the historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday James Dean

Today would have been the 80th Birthday of the beloved great young actor who graced us on screen for such a short period of time, but forever remained in are hearts and memories, practically created a subculture, defined a generation as well as influenced the world and changed pop culture. 
James Dean.
James Byron Dean
February 8, 1931 - September 30, 1955

James in 1938

With Actress Natalie Wood in "Rebel Without a Cause"

On the set of the film "Giant"

James with his Siamese Kitten Curtis
Curtis was given to him by friend, Actress Elizabeth Taylor. The day before he died he gave Curtis away, to go to a car rally. He once said before something like, "I'm afraid one day I won't come home and he'll be here waiting for me". How tragic.

Favorite Photos of James
Cigarettes, Cameras, Glasses

Morrissey is an absolutely aficionado of James Dean. His debut solo single "Suedehead", was written about James Dean, with a lovely music video tribute in James' hometown. In the video he actually gets to straddle James' motorcycle and "play" his bongos.

 Rest in peace James, we will always love you

James Dean Inspired Outfit
My outfit for today inspired by his iconic look as "Jim Stark" in "Rebel Without a Cause".
Cuffed Jeans, Men's White Cuffed Undershirt, Penny Loafers, Pompadour & Men's Red Dior Cardigan

 I wore my recently purchased Vintage Siamese cat brooch, to commemorate his Siamese kitten, Marcus.

A Favorite James Dean Quote
"Only the gentle are ever really strong." - James Dean


Thursday, February 3, 2011

ReVamp in the New York Times

ReVamp Fashions
Today the amazing Vintage Reproduction clothing ReVamp, which I proudly and happily work for was featured in an article about Retro Fashion in the New York Times. That's a pretty big deal! It's also very very exciting! This world needs more classic style! Be sure to check the article out, and remember if you're in Los Angeles this weekend be sure to try and stop by the Vintage Fashion Expo in Santa Monica, ReVamp will be there!! (and I'll be working the booth Saturday)
Article Photo


(photos from and new york times)