Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Carmen Miranda

Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha
"Carmen Miranda"
February 9, 1909 - August 5, 1955

I absolutely adore this woman!! Everything about her!! She is definitely one of my idols and all time style inspirations. I remember when I was a little kid I would put bananas on my head and try to balance them, haha. I also remember when I was a Girl Scout we had an International themed dinner and we had to come dressed in a  country's native or type of of clothing. I told my mother I wanted to be the lady with the fruit on her head that sings and dances (I didn't know her name then, or I just kept forgetting?)  So my mother made my costume like Carmen Miranda who's style came from the Afro Brazilian Capoeira/ Samba culture. She was so fun, so unique and vibrant!! She was the whole package and had true talent. She sang, danced, acted, designed her outfits, was completely beautiful, funny, unique, a bombshell, stylish... I can go on about how marvelous she was, Carmen was a true artist. The constant inspiration she's been to myself and others! I will always, always love her!!!

Her style and talent never seizes to amaze me!!
Big Hair, Big Accessories, Big Smile, Big Personality

I want all of her shoes!!! And her awesome huge pompadour!!

Can I just have this outfit already?

Oh Oh I want this entire ensemble!!

Other's Inspired By Carmen Miranda

My very very favorite cartoon Tom and  Jerry, in this episode "Baby Puss" from 1943 one of the cats teasing Tom does a very cute Miranda imitation, singing probably my favorite and the most popular Miranda song "Mamae Eu Quero".

The very hilarious Lucille Ball in the classic american tv show "I Love Lucy" in this episode "Be a Pal" from 1951. Lucy thinks  her husband Ricky misses his native country, Cuba, so she decided to bring "Cuba" to him. Doing a hilarious imitation of Carmen Miranda singing yet again, "Mamae Eu Quero".

On a season of the tv show "America's Next Top Model" a few year's back the contestant's were given the challenge of embodying Carmen Miranda, all of which had no idea who she was until they mention "Chiquita Banana".  Ladies how can you not know??!! Ugh, any who I for one loved contestant Fo, and thought she pulled off Carmen well, even it was too literal. Yeah, Carmen would never be caught dead in sneakers and sweats! Fun and Glamour are what Carmen was all about!

Fruit company "Chiquita Banana" and the iconic image and song, with this made for theaters commercial from the 1940's. I have a feeling Miss Miranda was the inspiration!

My Carmen Miranda Inspired Outfit 

I'm a Chica Chica Boom Chic!! Wearing my hair in a bumper bang style with Lime Green accessories, Vintage faux tortoise shell plastic hoop earrings, Vintage Blouse, Black Pencil skirt and 1940's style leather wedges.

My Carmen pose, haha! 

Carmen Miranda's signature, hand & footprints at  the historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California.



  1. I had no idea it was her birthday, but I've been watching a lot of her movies latley!

  2. Carmen Miranda is so adorable I love her outfits and heels!! Im a new follower and saw your from east LA I was born there!!

    For The Vintage Fashionista

  3. LOVE HER!! and the shoe pic is great!!

  4. Lovely post. I love Carmen Miranda so much, I dressed up as her for Halloween. I'm going to try to hunt down some of her fruit jewelry. You have a great blog here, miss lady. Please stop by and say hello.

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe!

  5. Eu AMO a Carmen Miranda, minha maior inspiração. Grande artista, grande estrela, completa... E que orgulho saber que naquele lindo coração português, só havia espaço para brilhar uma brasileira sem igual! Por mil motivos... Carmen, Thank you. I love you 4ever!

    Kisses from Brasil! haha


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