Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gloomy Sunday's

It's another Gloomy Sunday in Los Angeles.
Lately we've been having warm and sunny weather, I was so glad, no more rain no more cold. Winter weather makes me terribly depressed. Than people always being together all snuggly and cutesy. Please! (maybe it's my subconscious mind being jealous that I don't have a significant other, maybe)
But have you ever felt happy to be sad? Strange yes, but I know I've felt happy to be sad. I love to be in my bedroom while looking outside occasionally to watch the rain. I light I couple of candles, burn gardenia scented oil that fills the entire room (gardenias are one of my favorite flowers and scents), sit in my dress slip with myself undone, no pinned up hair, no makeup and listen to some music and just think. Think about everything and anything it's kind of like this relaxation method for me to be in this simple state.

Shadows & Sadness
(all photos by Victoria Inez Rivera)

This is one of my very very favorite songs ever, sung by one of my favorite singers Billie Holiday, no one can compare the pain and beauty in her voice. It's become accustom for me to listen to it every gloomy sunday.
So here are some other songs I love to listen to while I sit and sulk in sadness. Mostly anything acoustic, soft, classical, and jazz all wrapped into one. And usually more than one song from these artists and more.
Am I emotional or what?

One of my favorite movies and soundtracks.                                    
I love, love , love Chris Isaak. One of my favorites.
One of my favorite songs ever ever ever! I LOVE it! I first heard it at the age of six and there was no turning back.
I love this song! I say it with excitement because I really do, it may just be my favorite Leonard Cohen song.
Chet Baker, have to love him.
Nothing more relaxing than Sade. One of my favorite songs and music videos of her.
By far one of my favorite songs ever! No one can cover this song without doing it justice like this version by Tino Rossi and my other favorite version by Pedro Infante.
Hauntingly Beautiful.
Noche de Ronda - Los Panchos with Edyie Gorme
I love this song, it's a classic and I've heard it over a thousand times growing up. Completely beautiful.
Enjoy your gloomy sunday with me.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Upcoming Events

February 5th - 6th 2011
2011 Vintage Fashion Expo
9:00 am - 10:30 am (Early Buy) $20 10:30 - 6:00 pm $10
11:00 am - 5:00 pm $10, Students with ID Free
(Free admission Sunday with Saturday ticket)
It's that time of year again!!! Yay the Vintage Fashion  Expo is here!! It's first stop is coming this weekened at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, in Santa Monica, California Saturday the 5th of February. This is a treasure trove for vintage fashion lovers, jewelry, clothes, everything you name it! Plus they have raffles and ongoing events during the show. You never know who you just might run into, last year I met for a second time Dita Von Teese and model Chanel Iman! I'll be there for sure! In fact ReVamp Vintage will have a booth there and I'll be working the booth that Saturday! So go and check the fabulous vintage and stop by at ReVamp  check out all the fabulous vintage recreation clothing, the new silhouettes, makeup and if you see me say hi!

All event info including prices and location is on the website:

February 5th 2011
Los Angeles Art Deco Society presents: Casino Moderne at the Los Angeles Athletic Club
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
ADSLA & LAAC Members: $50
Non Members (gerneral admission/ public): $65
At the Door: $10 added fee

The Los Angeles Art Deco Society will be presenting a night of gambling, drinking and Art Deco all under the famous and historic Los Angeles Athletic Club in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles, California. Party like it's 1920 and Prohibition is here! Hooch and Speakeasy's!! Inspired by the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire" the ADSLA invites you to this fun event!

The famous and historic LA Athletic Club has been around since 1880 and is still in service! Grand stars like Charlie Chaplin and Rudolph Valentino stayed there (and so can you in their rooms!) So drink, have some hors d' oeuvres, chit chat and gamble all in Art Deco beauty! Plus a portion of the ticket price will go to help fund the preservation of historic Art Deco projects.
Also ReVamp is having a special deal right now, if you place an order before Saturday's event you could win tickets to the Casino Moderne event! And what better way to wear that lovely Revamp ensemble than out on the town at this event!

For all Los Angeles Art Deco Society and Event Info click the link below:

See you there!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


 Maybe you noticed? I've just redecorated my blog page! I was looking for a change. Hey it's a new year, and I've found this layout to be very complimentary! Do you like it? I hope so! I've created a new title banner as well. The photograph is of probably my favorite and most used vintage handbag that I own and was shot by yours truly at Phillipe's Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. The other photo that I had up previously was a sketch I did back in 2008 for a class presentation.

Pin Up Sketch, 2008
That sketch was the inspiration for my page, as is this photo my current page inspiration. I really don't like to be constantly changing, but I'm really happy with this layout and I feel it will be here for quite a while.
(All Photos & Artwork by Victoria Inez Rivera)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Depeche Mode Twitter Contest: I Won!!

Back in November 2010, Depeche Mode was having a little contest on the website Twitter. There would be 5 First Place winners who would  win an unreleased 12" vinyl single of the song "Peace" (off the Sounds of the Universe album). With a selection of runner ups winning either a set of DM Tour of the Universe Postcards (from the SOTU box set) or a VIP pass from the tour. All you had to do was have a Twitter account, follow Depeche Mode and tweet about the upcoming DVD release. I already had a Twitter account and I already followed Depeche Mode, so I thought what the heck I'll do it. Turns out I was one of the first five place winners! I was completely shocked, and overjoyed! I never thought I would win. I was notified that I would soon receive my prize. In the meantime I was contacted by another First Place winner who found me on Twitter. His name is Sev and is from Russia. We both kept in touch online updating one another on are status of receiving are prize, even if we are on opposite sides of the world. About a week ago he received his and I was worried, just when was I going to get mine? Than this afternoon while my brother came home from school and brought in the mail he says " Look what I have for you!" I screamed and jumped up and down with excitement it finally was here!!

 I love that my name and address is handwritten, it makes it much more personal and special. It arrived in simple packaging, not even a label on the record. I love it though, it's like this secret only a few us in the world know what is (and now you do too). Time to plug in my record player and listen! I owe it to DM for not only giving me a chance to win this, but also gaining a friend! DM always unifies and spreads the love.
Thank You Depeche Mode and Twitter ( I give myself a pat on the back for wining the contest too, haha)!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Charming Man

Well browsing through a bunch of photos the other day from one of my all time favorite artists Horst P. Horst. I found this photograph of a this handsome man. And it reminded me of you. Yes, you. You know who you are.
Luchino Visconti ,1936 Horst P. Horst

There's nothing like a Black and White portrait of a man with perfectly coiffed hair, well dressed in a sharp suit, with a stare. Even better that it's an Italian director photographed in the 1930's by a brilliant photographer. Extra points too, for reminding me of singer Steve Naghavi of And One, haha.


Upcoming Events

Richard Halpren's Fedora Follies
Thursday January 13, 2011
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Free, All Ages

Join "Mr. Tin Pan Alley" himself, Richard Halpren from the wonderful Cicada Club at the luxurious, retro and modern First and Hope Downtown Supper Club. Every Thursday Richard will be hosting 'Fedora Follies' an evening for jazz musicians and singers or just plain jazz or vintage enthusiasts to get together play some wonderful music and/ or sit back relax enjoy the music or have a cocktail at the bar. And while you're there you might want to have dinner? The First and Hope Supper Club has an excellent menu and services as it being one of the premier restaurants in LA, though it is expensive you'll be getting extreme quality. Staff is dressed to the nines, and what better feeling of being in a beautiful restaurant, remembering yester year. You won't feel completely transcended in time like at the fabulous and beautiful Cicada, but you still get the similar feeling. I'd say First and Hope is more for the modern type. It will be the grand opening of Fedora Follies so come so your support and get your weekend started off early!
(I would like to go and see Richard and probably bump into a few familiar faces. However it's a school night for my brother and I have no spending cash, plus I'm in dire need of a haircut and new wardrobe. I don't want to look shabby. Maybe I'll go sometime in the near future, even more so when I turn 21. Maybe I'll take a guy for a drink or something; why me because yes, chivalry is dead and Fellas I wished it came back! Maybe by going to this retro restaurant they might feel inspired? Hahaha)
Dining Room at First & Hope

Some of the Handsome and Exquisitely dressed Staff

A performance in the Fedora Room

For more info:
LACMA Free Target Holiday Monday's
Monday January 17, 2011
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Free, All Ages

What can be better than going to a fantastic art museum in Los Angeles for free and on a holiday!? That in itself says let's go! Why not go, get inspired, get cultured, see an event and most of all have a good time. I love love love art so much and this is one of my very favorite museums! They have a couple of new exhibits I'm dying to see before they close like William Eggleston: Democratic Camera - Photographs and Video, 1961- 2008,  it looks very interesting and colorful I think I'd like it. Also the exhibits Steve Wolfe on Paper and the Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail 1700- 1915.
(I think I'll stop by, even if it may be by myself and on the bus. I'll see.)
Outside LACMA

"Urban Light" Chris Burden, One of my very very exhibits, outside LACMA. At night it's simply beautiful.

For more info:
Target Monday's:

See you there! -Victoria

Rest Stop Ahead

 (All photos by. Victoria Inez Rivera)

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Back From Texas!

Just a quick notification! My family and I made a quick road trip to El Paso, Texas! I'll see you soon!
 Are sudden departure was due to a death in the family on my dad's side, which is quite unfortunate. But on the upside we got to visit family that we haven't seen in years! Though the road trip like any long some hundred mile drive, it was fun in it's way. But I must admit I bitched a lot, though under my breath.  Mostly while in El Paso; with my dad's somewhat manic driving and the "beautiful" scenery in El Paso (that's sarcasm) I started to lose my cool, I felt guilty because my dad was just proud of his 'hometown' (not technically, he's originally from Mexico, but came to Texas as a teenager). But one thing that I don't regret complaining about is my dad's driving. Dad I think you need to be a little more cautious on the road, because you're the only person who has ever mad me car sick and make me a nervous wreck as a car passenger. Anywho we not only visited El Paso, but visited family in Arizona and made a few stops in New Mexico. I wish I could've gone thrifting, and found some treasures. But with no spending money and leaving with the family on such short notice we just ended up joy riding. Here are some photos, I'll be making another post of a series of Black and White photographs that I took on the road. It was fun and all, but the minute I saw the Los Angeles Downtown skyline from the highway on the way home I've never been happier! Sure real estate and living might be cheaper and easier somewhere else, but I'll always belong in beautiful Los Angeles, California! That's my kind of town! :)

"Behind The Wheel"

Probably the only touristy attraction of El Paso, "Scenic Drive"

Night time

A local Downtown El Paso bar. I loved this sign. That's one thing that I loved about El Paso, it has a lot of old working Neon.

Old Downtown Hotel. Another thing I loved and hated about El Paso is they're a ton old historic buildings! The sad thing is they're not kept up. This one is lucky.

Window display in Downtown El Paso

Yes, they have Low Riders in New Mexico

El Paso Cemetery

 I think that's a pretty cute and cleverly named ash tray.

My brother Angel

Yup, that's my Dad!

"On the Road"
(All photos by. Angel Rivera)