Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gloomy Sunday's

It's another Gloomy Sunday in Los Angeles.
Lately we've been having warm and sunny weather, I was so glad, no more rain no more cold. Winter weather makes me terribly depressed. Than people always being together all snuggly and cutesy. Please! (maybe it's my subconscious mind being jealous that I don't have a significant other, maybe)
But have you ever felt happy to be sad? Strange yes, but I know I've felt happy to be sad. I love to be in my bedroom while looking outside occasionally to watch the rain. I light I couple of candles, burn gardenia scented oil that fills the entire room (gardenias are one of my favorite flowers and scents), sit in my dress slip with myself undone, no pinned up hair, no makeup and listen to some music and just think. Think about everything and anything it's kind of like this relaxation method for me to be in this simple state.

Shadows & Sadness
(all photos by Victoria Inez Rivera)

This is one of my very very favorite songs ever, sung by one of my favorite singers Billie Holiday, no one can compare the pain and beauty in her voice. It's become accustom for me to listen to it every gloomy sunday.
So here are some other songs I love to listen to while I sit and sulk in sadness. Mostly anything acoustic, soft, classical, and jazz all wrapped into one. And usually more than one song from these artists and more.
Am I emotional or what?

One of my favorite movies and soundtracks.                                    
I love, love , love Chris Isaak. One of my favorites.
One of my favorite songs ever ever ever! I LOVE it! I first heard it at the age of six and there was no turning back.
I love this song! I say it with excitement because I really do, it may just be my favorite Leonard Cohen song.
Chet Baker, have to love him.
Nothing more relaxing than Sade. One of my favorite songs and music videos of her.
By far one of my favorite songs ever! No one can cover this song without doing it justice like this version by Tino Rossi and my other favorite version by Pedro Infante.
Hauntingly Beautiful.
Noche de Ronda - Los Panchos with Edyie Gorme
I love this song, it's a classic and I've heard it over a thousand times growing up. Completely beautiful.
Enjoy your gloomy sunday with me.

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