Thursday, January 13, 2011

Upcoming Events

Richard Halpren's Fedora Follies
Thursday January 13, 2011
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Free, All Ages

Join "Mr. Tin Pan Alley" himself, Richard Halpren from the wonderful Cicada Club at the luxurious, retro and modern First and Hope Downtown Supper Club. Every Thursday Richard will be hosting 'Fedora Follies' an evening for jazz musicians and singers or just plain jazz or vintage enthusiasts to get together play some wonderful music and/ or sit back relax enjoy the music or have a cocktail at the bar. And while you're there you might want to have dinner? The First and Hope Supper Club has an excellent menu and services as it being one of the premier restaurants in LA, though it is expensive you'll be getting extreme quality. Staff is dressed to the nines, and what better feeling of being in a beautiful restaurant, remembering yester year. You won't feel completely transcended in time like at the fabulous and beautiful Cicada, but you still get the similar feeling. I'd say First and Hope is more for the modern type. It will be the grand opening of Fedora Follies so come so your support and get your weekend started off early!
(I would like to go and see Richard and probably bump into a few familiar faces. However it's a school night for my brother and I have no spending cash, plus I'm in dire need of a haircut and new wardrobe. I don't want to look shabby. Maybe I'll go sometime in the near future, even more so when I turn 21. Maybe I'll take a guy for a drink or something; why me because yes, chivalry is dead and Fellas I wished it came back! Maybe by going to this retro restaurant they might feel inspired? Hahaha)
Dining Room at First & Hope

Some of the Handsome and Exquisitely dressed Staff

A performance in the Fedora Room

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LACMA Free Target Holiday Monday's
Monday January 17, 2011
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Free, All Ages

What can be better than going to a fantastic art museum in Los Angeles for free and on a holiday!? That in itself says let's go! Why not go, get inspired, get cultured, see an event and most of all have a good time. I love love love art so much and this is one of my very favorite museums! They have a couple of new exhibits I'm dying to see before they close like William Eggleston: Democratic Camera - Photographs and Video, 1961- 2008,  it looks very interesting and colorful I think I'd like it. Also the exhibits Steve Wolfe on Paper and the Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail 1700- 1915.
(I think I'll stop by, even if it may be by myself and on the bus. I'll see.)
Outside LACMA

"Urban Light" Chris Burden, One of my very very exhibits, outside LACMA. At night it's simply beautiful.

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Target Monday's:

See you there! -Victoria

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