Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Thoughtful!

1940's esque Bow Pumps
My Mother bought me these adorable and extremely comfortable pumps. I spotted them well she went shoe browsing, I thought they were so cute and look kind of 1940's with this cute bow in front. These shoes would be perfect or everyday wear. She insisted that I get them, I told my Mother she didn't have to buy them, but she did. Thank You.

Handmade Ribbon Hair Barette
My good friend Edlin, made this very cute flower hair clip with rhinestones and pearl center. She's the queen of making miniature hair bows and hair accessories. Well selling some she said that this one in particular reminded her of me and so decided to gift to me. Since I was wearing a hat that evening I decided to wear it as a pin on my jacket. I think my Great Aunt and Grandma would love to wear these as pins, I'll think I'll have too buy some of Edlin's bows before she sells out. Thank you Edlin!

Retro Bead Purse
My Dad came home the other day with a bunch of items his friend was throwing out. He brought me this multicolored wooden beaded purse, which looks very similar to the vintage plastic beaded purses of the 1950's and 1960's. My Dad, not knowing that I had actually been wanting a purse I thanked him when I he got home and asked how did he know? He said he didn't, haha Thanks Dad!

ReVamp 2010 New Releases Fashion Show

Well the ReVamp Fashion Show was a success! We received a great turn out and viewers on the live web stream! I had show much fun being able to work the show, it was a dream come true! I never thought doing a whole show would be so chaotic, being that the show is so small, but that's the industry for you and all went well. My main duty was to assist the male models with stage direction and dressing, I even made it onto the fashion show footage, I was somewhat of a personal dresser for a friend of mine, Marc who was one of the models. All in all it was wonderful, though I couldn't really see the show since I'm behind the scenes and my brother showed up late after being locked out downstairs, so I don't have any fabulous photographs during the show. One other thing I totally forgot, just about every time I go to a ReVamp Fashion show I take a picture with designer owner Annamarie, but both of us being busy her more so, I completely forgot oh well. Here is footage of the show incase you missed it! You can spot yours truly in the first video walk in at 3:38, I then come back again shortly after.
Inside the Salon
Vintage Camera on an Art Deco Dresser

ReVamp Silhouettes : 1930's Maisie, 1950's Peggy and 1940's Princess Seamed Jumper

Lovely Tuberose flowers that smelled absolutely heavenly! Brought in by the florist herself from Magdalena's Flowers, in a vintage inspired arrangement. ( I never smelled Tuberoses nor heard of them ever! I think they're a new favorite flower of mine, I'll have to buy some at the flower mart sometime.)

Mirrored Images in Art Deco Vanity, featuring Besame Cosmetics (My favorite line!)

ReVamp Silhouettes: 1950's Johnny, 1940's Grant and 1930's Lisette

A view of the Downtown skyline ( this is the awesome view I get to see every morning)

Myself and my lovely friend, fellow ReVamp Intern and model, Sari. Wearing the brand new 1930's silhouette "Elsie".

My handsome friend Marc and myself.  Marc was quite nervous about modeling, being that he never modeled before, but after some rehearsing he did a perfect job!

Me and my friend,  fabulous blogger Lidia, of Ella-Clothing on Blogspot. She decided to stop by and see the show, which she loved! (You can stop by her blog and see the fabulous photos she took there!

Outfit Out and About
Standing by an empty building's beautiful door front.

Sitting at my lamppost in the historic core, it's my everyday bus stop. With my windblown pompadour, and trench coat with Depeche Mode 'Music For The Masses' pin on my lapel.

I wore my Cuban Heel Backseam stockings with my Mary Janes, they not only made my legs look pretty they kept them warm from the very strong winds that afternoon.

My Brother and Best Friend, Angel and I arriving home after getting coffee after the show.(He looks out of it, but he isn't. He would be upset if he knew I posted a photo of him like this, shh don't tell him.)

For more info about ReVamp, Magdalena's Flowers, Ella- Clothing and Besame Cosmetics:

until again- Victoria
(all photos by. Angel Rivera)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

'Freedom From Want'
Norman Rockwell 1943

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Why "must"we have one day to be thankful for all we have? But being a historic tradition of this nation, and with people getting caught up in consumerism and food. I think people tend to forget that we should take the time to spend with family and friends not just on one day but any other day of the year and be thankful for all that you have, even though you might not have everything, there are little things that I'm sure we could be thankful for. So I'd like to say I'm quite thankful for my family and friends, for their love, for being alive and having the ability to do the things I do, whatever it may be. And I'm thankful for, though it may sound silly they've got me through a lot, I'm thankful for Depeche Mode. :)
Have a wonderful day!

Thanksgiving Day Festivities
Thanksgiving Day outfit, on my way to my Aunt's house. Copper Metallic Sweater and Black Pencil skirt, both thrifted. Paired with my patent leather flats and Vintage handbag.

Not a very flattering pose from behind showing off my Backseam stockings.

My hairdo, I was surprised how nice it turned out and only in 20 minutes. Since my hair is quite long, it becomes more difficult to do vintage inspired hairstyles. I usually do this, for a special occasion or night out it's very Veronica Lake.

Setting up for Dinner.

My Aunt's beautiful Turkey Platter

An array of napkins

My Aunt's Autumn Decor

My Cousin Erich's dog Reggie, I love that dog soo much!

While waiting for my cousin's to arrive we watched the Twilight Zone Marathon on tv. My family, my Grandpa in particular and myself love the Twilight Zone every time it's on we have too watch it!

The amazing and hilarious John Hughes film "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" with Steve Martin and John Candy. It's a definite favorite film in our family. My two cousins, their friends, my two uncles, my brother and I are always quoting it! We watched it after dinner.

We love to play board games whenever possible at a family gathering. Here is my cousin Anthony's wife Sophia, my cousin Anthony (wearing Red),  my cousin Erich (with his head down) and family friend Gabe.

Just one of the many board games that night. As you can see we didn't have enough pieces so we used my Aunt's crystal rabbit and pumpkin candleholder, haha!

On are way home. Why does it look like I'm about to slap someone? haha I can assure you I wasn't.

Just incase you were curious about the Twilight Zone and the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" I've posted two clips:
Tell me that music doesn't instantly draw you in? I love the classic 1960's Twilight Zone!
Just one of the many hilariously simple and one of my favorite clips from the film.

(All photos by. Angel Rivera)
-with love Victoria

Saturday, November 20, 2010


ReVamp 2010 New Releases Fashion Show
Sunday November 21st, 12:30 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)
Don't Forget Tomorrow is Sunday afternoons ReVamp 2010 Fashion Show. Reservations are most likely full, but if you can't attend no need to worry. Just visit the ReVamp site for the first ever in ReVamp history live broadcast of the fashion show the day of exactly at 12:30 p.m. (PST), and follow the instructions on the screen. Be sure to capture the new silhouettes and favorites in new fabrics with all the excitement and glamour from your computer screen at home!  I'm soo excited! I can't wait to see the final garments, hear the oohs and awws and finally be living a dream of mine working behind the scenes at a ReVamp show!!
See you there and enjoy!
Link to get direct view of the live fashion show on the website the day of:
Have a peek of what ReVamp is all about on a short feature on CNN

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sew Busy

If you remember not too long ago I went on a blog hiatus? Well here's part of the reason why.

The Finished Garment
In the early stages of the dress; creating the foundation

Voila!! My final for Draping! I'm very proud of it seeing how nice my cocktail dress turned out. I've never made something with so many different pieces and fabrics you should see the patterns! This wasn't my original design, I was given the challenge of having to sacrifice my love for a vintage inspired silhouette and go a little more modern. After racking my brain and having numerous fabric dilemmas with gifted black lace from the instructor and input from friends I came up with this number.
A black lace and chiffon shell and versatile shade of nude satin underlay. With  a fitted sweetheart bodice with  pleat detail in front and full skirt starting at mid thigh, if worn by a women with the average height of about 5'6", the skirt will fall right under the knee. The inside is completely lined with boning placed in the front and back for extra support, with an invisible zipper up the back. This dress wasn't an easy task and I'm glad I finished it, but even happier that my grade received for the dress was an A.

Advanced Pattern Making
Contour Top Design


My advanced patterns class just started about the last week of October. Are first design assignment create a contoured top that extends below the waist. To tell you the truth the fact that are contour top had to be below the waist slightly made me nervous, I personally don't like shirts/ blouses that fall too far below the waist given that it could look like a dress or making you look a tad more modern and disproportionate. But I managed to due it and have the illusion of the blouse sitting at the waist with a mock waistband and a shirred peplum at bottom. I think the fabric totally makes the design, it's very Minnie Mouse all It needs is a big yellow bow to wear on your head paired with a black pencil skirt soo cute!

Basic Knit Top Block

Part of this class requirement is too learn how to make a block for knit tops, specifically knit's with stretch. So once the block was sewn it would look like a basic long sleeved  T shirt. So before sewing the sleeves on I decided to see if this mock up fit me just for fun and it did. I think it look cute under my cotton gingham blouse, but my brother said it looked like I was going golfing, lol.
That's it for now but I can guarantee that my absence will probably reoccur yet again. I'm expected to make a  pair of trousers, a jacket and a knit blouse by mid December than soon after the holidays I'll be taking a sample making class than who knows the big fashion show!
-until again Victoria
(all designs and photos by Victoria Inez Rivera)

Museum Getaway

I  love museums! I can't see how anyone can't? Maybe it depends where it's located and what kind of museum it is, but they're wonderful educational and inspirational places! Do I sound like a total nerd right now? If so, I don't care. :) About late September I can't really remember when? My good friend Edlin invited me to Los Angeles County's Natural History Museum, since her boyfriend, who's my friend too, Frankie works there, so we get in free! I didn't hesitate at all! It's one of my very favorite places and I haven't been there in years! Since we left at little late from class and it's about 5- 10 minutes on the bus, the trip wasn't that long but we didn't get a chance to see everything. Just another excuse to go back! And after we treated are selves to some delicious frozen yogurt! Ahh good times with great friends!


The Museum lobby


I'm surprised how well behaved this Tiger is? lol

Part of the Display for the History of Los Angeles, California and American Culture, my favorite exhibits in the museum

Of course I went on Safari!

Lazy Lions

That shell reminds me of Gaultier's Vintage Inspired Bustiers

How pretty!

My favorite area in the whole museum the dome with the statue of the "Three Muses"! To be in the center of that room is breathtaking, so beautiful and detailed it's like going back in time!

They lovely domed ceiling with a painted glass skylight.

Edlin and Me off and about to get some Frozen Yogurt!

The busy crowd at 21 Choices located across the street from USC. It's a really great Frozen Yogurt shop, with other locations in Old Town Pasadena and Claremont. The flavors change every week at the different locations, plus you get to sample them and "build" your own yogurt sundae, for a cheap price! Thanks to my friends Edlin and Frankie I'm now a fan of 21 choices and I can't wait till we make are next yogurt run!

My small cup of Honey & Snickerdoodle Yogurt mixed in with crushed almonds, yum! If your wondering why there are two spoons covered in lipstick, both are mine one's from a sample tasting. lol

I encourage everyone to visit the LA County Museum of Natural History, not only is it a educational and fun place but a Historical and Cinematic landmark!! It's also located next to a ton of other museums, the historic Los Angeles Sports Arena and the lovely Rose Garden in Exposition Park! Plus there are always a ton of events going on that are open to the public, or museum members. You can even host a party, event, sleepover or wedding there!!
To learn more about the Natural History Museum:

until again- Victoria