Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Thoughtful!

1940's esque Bow Pumps
My Mother bought me these adorable and extremely comfortable pumps. I spotted them well she went shoe browsing, I thought they were so cute and look kind of 1940's with this cute bow in front. These shoes would be perfect or everyday wear. She insisted that I get them, I told my Mother she didn't have to buy them, but she did. Thank You.

Handmade Ribbon Hair Barette
My good friend Edlin, made this very cute flower hair clip with rhinestones and pearl center. She's the queen of making miniature hair bows and hair accessories. Well selling some she said that this one in particular reminded her of me and so decided to gift to me. Since I was wearing a hat that evening I decided to wear it as a pin on my jacket. I think my Great Aunt and Grandma would love to wear these as pins, I'll think I'll have too buy some of Edlin's bows before she sells out. Thank you Edlin!

Retro Bead Purse
My Dad came home the other day with a bunch of items his friend was throwing out. He brought me this multicolored wooden beaded purse, which looks very similar to the vintage plastic beaded purses of the 1950's and 1960's. My Dad, not knowing that I had actually been wanting a purse I thanked him when I he got home and asked how did he know? He said he didn't, haha Thanks Dad!

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