Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011

I can't believe it! 2010 is finally over. It sure was a fast year I remember it like it literally was yesterday, lol. But compared to 2009, 2010 was probably one of the best years I've ever ever had. It got a little rocky towards the end, but  it turned out for the best. It was filled with good times and great people! So many opportunities came up, this coming February will already be a year that I've been working for  my favorite Vintage reproduction clothing company ReVamp Vintage! I met Dita Von Teese for a second time! I got hit by a car, that's not really a good thing but It was interesting! I had the opportunity to see Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode, who I never thought I would see since he left the band in 1996. However due to his solo project, Recoil I had the chance plus have a chance to see Martin Gore of Depeche Mode too! I had my first slow dance ever this year! Haha, kind of embarrassing that a 20 year old had her first slow dance, but I'm not embarrassed at all! It was even better since it was with  a friend of mine and dancing to Depeche Mode! I've met a bunch of wonderful people this year and some of them I can now call friends! I even got to catch up with old friends who I haven't seen in forever! I even became healthier, I think my style sense has improved too! Plus how can I go without mentioning this little number starting my first blog!! Thank you guys for your interest and support! 2010 has been a prosperous year and I hope the best for 2011 for myself and everyone!!
I'm going to post my New year's resolutions soon and photos from tonight, plus post everything I didn't get to share with you in 2010! But now I must go and get ready for a night on the town with my friends and off too see my fav Depeche Mode and Smiths/ Morrissey tribute bands! So I'll see you next year! haha
Happy 2011!!!
with love ~ Victoria Inez Rivera
Happy 2011 Everyone! So I noticed I made a couple of grammatical errors in this very quick previous new year's post, but not to worry it's fixed now. So just what are my new year's resolutions? Well I'll keep it brief so I won't bore you, in general I hope you prioritize, de clutter, and make better decisions in all aspects of my life. Personal, Social, Educational every which way possible. And maybe most of all  I MUST stop procrastinating! I have a terrible habit of doing so, hence my resolution to prioritize. So let me share with you all the fun I had, which I consider the best New Year's Eve I ever had (so far)!!
New Year's Festivities
Glamified for a night at the OC Fair! Wearing my Black knit wiggle dress, Miguel Torres feather headpiece, vintage rhinestone screw on earrings, Depeche Mode and Morrissey pins and my own handmade DM pin.

I made these lovely pins for me and my  gal pals to wear showing are love for our favorite musicians. My friend Andrea and I have DM pins (short for Depeche Mode) and my friend Cindy has MOZ (short for Morrissey). I was thrilled that they loved them and the whole night I had folks and the actual tribute band members "Can I have one?"

My lovely Friend and DM sister Andrea and I, showing off are outfits.

Not only do we have great taste in music, but also in style! We both love being glamourous and love to dress up at any opportunity given. Here we are wearing are favorite Back seam stockings! We would've worn heels since we love too, however we went sacrificed a little style for comfort.

Us girls are ready to have some fun! Andrea, Cindy and I

The 1980's Venue at the OC Fair before the huge crowd starts to arrive.

It's the great, awesome my favorite DJ, Richard Blade! He was the king of 1980's alternative on Los Angeles radio station KROQ (which is still around) and still DJ's on sirius XM Radio and for any occasion. He was the host for the 1980's stage.

I can't believe it a picture with Richard!!! Usually all the shows DM, Moz and '80s related he's there and every time I spot him, once I turn around he's back on stage, so it was great to finally get that photo!

First band of the night Oingo Boingo tribute Dead Man's Party. They were really good, the singer sounded a lot like Danny Elfman and the band had so much energy! Are favorite in the band was the keyboardist he was so cute and so energetic in a cute Conan O' Brien way, ahaha!

Wooo! My favorite and the best Depeche Mode tribute band, Blasphemous Rumours hit's the stage!

"Alan Wildest" (Dave) of Blasphemous Rumours. He's one talented guy.

"Counterfeit Martin" (Brent) of Blasphemous Rumours. The best faux Martin Gore you can get!

"David's Gone" (Andy) of Blasphemous Rumours. He has some of those classic Dave Gahan moves down!

"Everything Counts in Large Amounts"

I had a great time seeing BR, though their set was short they had great energy and brought every DM song with the precision it deserved. Here they are taking their last bow with the original lineup. It was a bittersweet moment for us BR fans.

With my friend and singer of Blasphemous Rumours, Andy.

Oh yeah the best and my favorite Smiths and Morrissey Tribute band Sweet and Tender Hooligan's woo!!!

"First of the Gang to Die"

Jose serenades to the crowd!

The very handsome Jose 'bares' all for us!

Looking, sounding and acting every bit like Moz! You know they only call Jose "The Mexican Morrissey"!

Aww I had a star struck moment when I turned around and Jose was right behind me. Both of us posing, just a few minutes before midnight!

It's 2011! Fireworks while Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" played as everyone hugged and enjoyed the moment.

Happy New Year!
Here's some footage I shot of both bands, You can see More on my Youtube page
New Year's Day
Here are my Grandparents Victoria and Oscar on their Wedding Day. New Year's Day 1950. We went over their house and celebrated  their 61st wedding anniversary with a homemade Turkey dinner that my mother prepared.

Putting on some records of 1940's and 1950's Mexican Boleros

Going through her records, my Grandma found my mother's old Beatles record. Her love for them as a teenager was beyond huge! I've been told my mother once fainted in front of the tv once when they were on the Ed Sullivan show back in the 1960's.  Wow! I've cried but never fainted, well almost once, haha.

Best wishes for 2011!
with love ~Victoria
(All photos and  Designs by. Victoria Inez Rivera)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Random Randomness

Everyday Happiness.
"..And If you go chasing  Rabbits."


Green Glass Bottle

Vintage Cowboy Handkerchief


Angel wearing Aviators

DJ Equipment 
"Because the music that they constantly play, It says nothing to me about my life"

Retro Bicycle at Target

Playing with Polka Dot Fabric

French Mint Chocolate Truffle

Retro Western Fabric

Red Velvet Cupcake 



Cute Cafe Poster

Citrus Tree

"Taco" Sauce

'"Light My Fire"

Bus Stop Boredom

"And you wanted to dance, so I asked you to dance but fear was in your soul, some people call it a one night stand but we could call it paradise"

Handsome Model, with Great Style

East side Advertising

Party Leftovers

Cat Nap

Going Home

Autumn Leaves

'Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear'

Rain Drops


Murray, what I call the friendly stray cat

In Bloom

At Grandma's House


Doll Face

(All photos by Victoria Inez Rivera and Angel Rivera)