Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday Night Mochi Ice Cream

Can you believe it's already December! The weather is finally chilly here in Los Angeles, especially in the evenings. It's about 40 degrees at night and to us Angelenos that is like freezing! lol Plus this evening it's raining! So why go out for Ice Cream?
Last night my brother Angel had a hankering of some Mochi Ice Cream. Just what is Mochi Ice Cream you say? Well It's a wonderful Japanese Ice cream dessert, with the ice cream wrapped in a chewy, sweet rice dough and covered in powdered sugar, what traditional Mochi Japanese pastries are made from. Now I've had Mochi before, but in it's traditional dough form, never as ice cream. But when my brother Angel went on a class field trip to the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, Friday he decided to explore the nearby plaza where he discovered the wonderful world of Mochi Ice Cream! After ranting how awesome it was and i've known of this dessert before, I wanted to try it even more now! So well my Uncles dinner party was winding down saturday night, my brother brought up the topic of the Mochi ice cream again this time with my cousin Erich. With my cousin and I being so intrigued, he just had to make the very quick drive from East LA to Little Tokyo! And boy was it worth it!
On are way to Little Tokyo,  crossing the LA River with the 4th Street Bridge decorated in lights for the holidays!

Little Tokyo!!

Shopping at the Japanese Super Market. My cousin needed some change. (Left: My Cousin Erich, Right: My Brother Angel)

I've been to Little Tokyo before but never went inside their market. There was plenty of interesting things to see!

Who knew the Japanese liked Tapatio? haha ( It's Mexican Hot sauce)

We decided to buy yummy Pocky Sticks! They're really good and come in a variety of flavors, I've even seen them for purchase at my nearby Walmart.

Ta dah! Prepare for Mochi Ice Cream Madness at the Mikawaya Mochi Shop! Pictured here is the Toasted Almond and Green Tea Flavors which are sooo good! (We also had Mint Chip, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, and Vanilla)

Mochi Madness! My cousin Erich and my brother Angel covered in powdered sugar enjoying their Mochi!

All Gone!! I can't wait to get some more! I think I'll be making some detours before I go home after school, for a quick treat haha!

For More info on the leader and Original Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream:
Be sure to see their corporate video!
For more info about Little Tokyo:

(All photos by. Victoria Inez Rivera)
Sayonara -Victoria

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  1. I can't believe I've never tried mochi! Me, who loves all things Japanese. I need to find a place in Phoenix that has it.


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