Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo

Today would have been the legendary Mexican artist 103rd birthday! Sadly she passed away in 1954. She was an amazing women. I don't think I can really describe what type of women she was and all the accomplishments she has done. It would be just too much! So with that said, I'll briefly say what I feel about Frida. Over the years and very much so today she has reached a godly like status! Frida mania is constantly on the rise all over the world! Legendary Fashion Designer Jean Paul Gaultier even released a collection in homage to her! She is one of the most inspirational women to me for so many reasons! She was so ahead of her time, so original and free at everything she did! Frida's character was so strong, witty, determined and feisty she can put any man in there place! So delicate, tiny, elegant and glamourous all at once. Everything about her and her environment was encompassed in her artwork. She has always been in my top list of Fashion Icons, and she's a constant source of inspiration. I'm also proud  to be a Mexican women just like her, and embrace my culture! She's the definition of uniqueness. She will always be loved by many and forever be an original.
Viva Frida!
Frida at the far left in a family portrait wearing a man's suit 1924
"Los Dos Fridas" 1939
Wedding Photo with Husband Artist Diego Rivera
"Self Portrait with cropped hair" 1940
"Viva La Vida" 1954
The trailer for the 2002 film "Frida". This film is a docudrama about the life of Frida Kahlo. Staring Salma Hayek as Frida. She couldn't have done more than a perfect job playing her! This film came out beautifully and  it is one of all my all time favorites!
until next time adios, ~Victoria

Thursday, July 1, 2010

School's Out For Summer!

Finally schools out and Summer is here! I've been out of school for a month already, pretty sad that I'm mentioning it now. But a contributing factor of my absence here has been because of school. I just finished and passed (yay) a patten making class! That class was so much work at the beginning I was ahead in the game but by the final weeks the work was piling up! Thankfully I aced my finals and passed the class! Our main final was to come up with your own design that your capable of doing, create the pattern and sew it up.
I received many compliments on my dress, especially on the fabric! It's a late 1940's/ early 1950's inspired design. The bodice has a yoke on bottom with gathers under the bust and is attached to a full circle skirt. The fabric is a light weight cotton floral, which makes the skirt flow beautifully. It's a perfect summer dress, it's breezy and sweet! As soon as my instructor saw the sketch she said "It's very Victoria." It's funny how everyone's design totally reflected their personalities and style. You could have picked out who's design was theirs!

To conclude the school year and to showcase the graduating students in the fashion program the my school held their annual Gold Thimble Fashion show! This years show took place on the roof top and I'd have to say It was one of the best shows yet!! The event turned out awesome! I was impressed by everyones designs given that they constructed everything themselves! And with this year's them being an ode to Tim Burton I surely wasn't going to miss it!
The runway with the Downtown skyline behind it.
Some of My Favorites
My absolute Favorite designs were down by my friend Daniel M.! They were incredible and very retro!
Here they are!
I know it's blurry but that's Daniel with the model wearing his fabulous interpretation of the "Edward Scissorhands" costume for the Tim Burton theme! He received so many awards that night.
My Outfit
That was me playing around when I got home, haha! It's not that great a photo of the entire outfit so here's another with my friend and classmate Mint! I love her dress, hair and clutch! This girl is always fierce!
My dress and shoes are from Ross. The purse (1940s) and fur collar(1960s) are Vintage. My trustee sweater is a hand me down from my Grandma and my jewelry is a hand me down from my Great Aunt.
Until next time, ~Victoria
(All photos by. Victoria Inez Rivera)