Monday, February 27, 2012

Focus On Fashion

Pictured here for my school's Fashion Show Program December 2011

I thought I'd point out something that I noticed about my blog and my blogging habits.  I love fashion, I adore it, I always have! I study fashion and I worked in fashion, in fact I mainly base my whole life around fashion! So it got me thinking, why don't I post enough about it?? 
I know a lot of vintage/retro related blogs/ bloggers out there only post about vintage fashion and style and like my heading says I'm not the "average" type of vintage girl! And believe me, my wardrobe (sadly) doesn't consist of all vintage clothing (although I wish it did, even at least half. But that's what you get when you're a curvier girl living in LA). I love new designs and designers, naturally I tend to gravitate to the more classic and retro silhouettes. Because that's what I love and not only that I also love the edgy side of things and the more creative things to, but they'll always have a slightly retro touch to them. So with that being said I'm going to post (well try to) collections and runway shows of upcoming and past seasons of current designers and design houses. 
Even though I'm soo anti trendy, when I think it comes to something like real fashion, and high fashion and haute couture that inspires everything that kind of trickles into department stores and such (which I'm so ehh about) I actually love to embrace it. Because you can turn something completely "new" and make it oh so retro and you!!  A perfect example of someone, well not just anyone but a complete style icon and my personal hero is Dita Von Teese. A lot of what she wears just walked the runway, yet she makes it her own. Now I can't afford anything that just walked the runway, but Dita and designers inspire me to create things and embrace the new mixed with the old. Because when you think about it everything has pretty much been done.
 So I just thought I'd throw that out there, plus check out these wonderful interviews with Dita. I can't help but compare myself to her ways! I love her and her style to death!! 
Amen to the almighty Dita!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy International EBM Day

Today is International EBM Day! 
And just what is EBM? It's a music genre that stands for, Electronic Body Music. EBM is one of the first forms of Industrial music. It's sound can be aggressive, hard and have a lot of thumps which I like! I'd say it's kind a masculine too, but I love electronic music! I prefer the Old School EBM and that sound. Also I think Germany dominates the EBM scene, love it and I love all the historical references and imagery. Who'd every think that sweet looking vintage loving me would listen to this!
Find out more about EBM and this day on the International EBM website!

Here are some of my favorite EBM songs, Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentines Day Post

Yup this is pretty much me!

Well it's the time of year again. And if you already know me, you know how I really dislike Valentines Day!! Most would say it's probably because you're single and miserable. No.. not entirely hahaha! To pretty much sum up how I feel about it instead of ranting on how much I dislike it ruining your day full of rainbows, hearts and Bullshit!! (sorry) I'll just say this.
You shouldn't have one day out of the year to show and express your love for someone.
That goes for your friend, family, sweetie or whomever. It's not to say if someone gave me a token of their affection I'd be upset, no I'll be happy, thankful and loved. But to be honest if you gave me flowers, or a box of chocolates or even a small note stating how you feel on any other random day of the year to me that says soo much more! And if you must share your love for the world or whomever it would be great to get creative and original, don't buy the same cards and chocolates as everyone else. Make it special that's all.

So here's something to make you smile, I'd probably receive and end up giving out these Valentine candies!

And for all my Depeche Mode Devotees!!! 

I made myself this cute felt broken heart pin to wear today while I was thrift shopping with my Momma.
Always living the sad single life.

It's just like the Portishead song 'Sour Times',
"Nobody loves me it's true..."

To all my readers I love you lots!!

Mucho love,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sunday Funday Finest

Here's just a recent outfit post! This is my ensemble for the Vintage fashion Expo this past Sunday!
I wanted something fun and kind of casual since I wasn't planning on staying that long and I was in a rush. I really love the print of my blouse it's soo vintage looking, but it's totally new! As for my hair I decided to do some victory rolls, I'm not too experienced doing victory rolls I always think they look weird on me. Like the roll on my side is too small, but oh well it's a roll none the less.

Blouse- Forever 21
Skirt- Thrifted
Shoes- Payless
Vintage Purse & Bangles- Thrifted
 Vintage Earrings-Vintage Expo 2010

Happy Birthday Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda
Today "The Lady In The Tutti Frutti Hat" would've been 103!!
I love this women to death and I'm soo inspired by her!!
Here's to You Miss Miranda!!
 I love you and may you rest in peace.

mucho love

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kids Love Depeche Mode

It's true kids really love Depeche Mode!!
When I first got into DM I was still a kid only 12 years old. But nothing is cuter and more awesome then when the little ones love them! It mostly has to do with parental exposure, but I think that's wonderful!
Check out these videos, a while back a friend and fellow DM Devotee posted this on her Facebook and I fell in love!! This is one of the coolest dad's ever!! Not only for exposing his kids to DM and other awesome 80's-ness (check out the kids t -shirts) but for spending great quality time together and enjoying music in such a unique and creative way! This is one of the cutest families ever!!

Here are some other awesome videos out there!

A family that Depeche's together, stays together! This is the Granzow family from Germany, they were featured in the Documentary 'The Poster's Came From The Walls' a film about DM fans around the world. 

This video is always brings the biggest smile to my face!

I think she knows more of the words then some of us older fans haha

This is a cover of a DM song done for babies!!

Mode on!!