Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentines Day Post

Yup this is pretty much me!

Well it's the time of year again. And if you already know me, you know how I really dislike Valentines Day!! Most would say it's probably because you're single and miserable. No.. not entirely hahaha! To pretty much sum up how I feel about it instead of ranting on how much I dislike it ruining your day full of rainbows, hearts and Bullshit!! (sorry) I'll just say this.
You shouldn't have one day out of the year to show and express your love for someone.
That goes for your friend, family, sweetie or whomever. It's not to say if someone gave me a token of their affection I'd be upset, no I'll be happy, thankful and loved. But to be honest if you gave me flowers, or a box of chocolates or even a small note stating how you feel on any other random day of the year to me that says soo much more! And if you must share your love for the world or whomever it would be great to get creative and original, don't buy the same cards and chocolates as everyone else. Make it special that's all.

So here's something to make you smile, I'd probably receive and end up giving out these Valentine candies!

And for all my Depeche Mode Devotees!!! 

I made myself this cute felt broken heart pin to wear today while I was thrift shopping with my Momma.
Always living the sad single life.

It's just like the Portishead song 'Sour Times',
"Nobody loves me it's true..."

To all my readers I love you lots!!

Mucho love,

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