Monday, June 14, 2010

1930's Hooverville HeyDay

Last month my good friends, two very handsome Vintage fellas, Johnny and Ernie threw their 2nd Annual 1930s Hooverville Hobo Picnic! It was a free event held at the Old Zoo Picnic area the Beautiful and Historic Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CA.  Anyone was invited except on one condition.. come dressed up as a 1930's Hobo, Okie, Bum suffering from the Great Depression. It was a potluck picnic so there was plenty of food around. Not to mention plenty of music and dancing! And there weren't any stereos mind you, but working antique victrolas, plus the wonderful Vintage styling songbirds singing those classic tunes Richard Halpren of the famous Cicada Club's Hollywood Cavalcade and the beautiful entertainer Mikal Sandoval! It was a fun, and even though it's still in it's early stages it grows every year! So here's to celebrating one the worst of times, The Great Depression!
This way!
Look at these handsome fellas! My friends and founders of the Hooverville Hobo Picnic(an ode to Palmdale Johnny and his Dust Bowl BBQ) Ernie and Johnny.
Lovely views of the Old Zoo picnic area
1930's Here I come! My outfit wasn't very depressing haha, but it's still period appropriate. I pinned my hair up in faux finger waves, my sweater top is from Sears, my plaid skirt is from The Avenue, The shoes are from Pay-less, My earrings are 1910s/1920s style and my purse is Vintage.
Folks enjoying the shade, It was quite warm that day.
Guests conversing and eating. (I loved that women's dress and sunglasses! Can you see her in the background?)
Check out this duo!
Looks like this gal's been working in the fields all day!
Some music and singing for are entertainment.
A bunch of kids from a nearby picnic were so enthralled with are little event they wanted to check out what everything was about! I felt like part of a museum exhibit with kids on a field trip, and I mean that in a very good way!
It's my fabulous friend Ashley! But oh no! The Depression has made an unfit mother of her! haha
Ashley and her boyfriend Rob's little bundle of joy: Baby Beaugard. Baby Beaugard sure enjoys that moonshine! haha
The lovely Mikal in her cute okie garb!
Folks chit chatting away.
A snapshot with some of the girls. From left to right: my friend Ashley, ladies Nicole & Katherine & Me.
Sun light peeking through the trees.
An old telephone post.
Try some 5 cent coffee!
Lovely ladies Nicole and Katherine!
Richard Halpren and Mikal dancing away!
Ernie taking me for a quick spin showing me some 20's/30's fancy footwork!
An old run down shack, kinda spooky.
Getting ready to set up.
Me and friend Ernie.
Get ready for the Dust Bowl Tour!
An Old Zoo cave. I wonder what lived here? Maybe a lion?
Oh no! What's that! A fun picture taken in the cave. My brother said I reminded him of Betty Boop.
A lovely Black and White photo snapped by my brother.
My personal photographer, event goer and Best friend, my brother Angel Rivera. As much as he thinks of all my craziness and Vintageness he puts up with me. Thanks
Until next time, ~Victoria
(All photos by Angel Rivera and Victoria Inez Rivera)