Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Because

It's true isn't it? It's kind of like this vicious cycle. The reason why we do things or don't do things. Because of fear and because of having your pride, because of what others think.
I found this on a friends Facebook and asked if I may borrow it. I just thought it was a nice little reminder for us all and I would share it with you.

all my love,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday...

I've been really busy with school, and all of you guys have had nothing to read but birthday posts! So here's a sum up of all the birthday's in these past couple of  days.. for now, I'm sooo behind on blogging and I really really do apologize because I haven't acknowledged the awards I've been given. All I can say is soon hopefully soon!!!

June 9
Johnny Depp
(John Christopher Depp II)
June 9, 1963
Oh yes my long time love, haha! Today Johnny Depp celebrates his 48th birthday! He's my favorite actor and I love everything about him! I love that he's soo into vintage too! (cars, clothing, homes, etc.) Every year since the time I've fallen for him back in 2003 (when technically it was 2001, but it didn't emerge till 2003) I've always baked him a cake or cookies for his birthday. This year I didn't, and I must say, yeah the love has gone down tremendously! See just how obsessed I was throughout my teen years with last years birthday post:
I'll always love you Johnny!

June 1
Alan Wilder
June 1, 1959
Mr. Alan Wilder turns 52! If you don't know who Alan is, well he's a musical genius really. He was once the former keyboardist in Depeche Mode and left in 1996. He went on to fully continue his solo project Recoil, which is great! I never thought I would see Alan Wilder, well because he left DM when I was only six years old. But last year Recoil went on tour including meet and greets! I went to a special showing were Martin Gore was a guest DJ, it was soo packed and Martin took long nobody had a chance to meet him. Only about  lets say five people some how got backstage a friend of mine was one of them. But here's to Mr. Wilder a talented man who's also very handsome! haha

Probably one of my favorites, if not my very favorite Recoil song, I'm sooo in love the video too! When he played this last year at the concert I was soo happy!

Here's some footage I shot of Alan Wilder at last year's Recoil Show!

 Marilyn Monroe
(Norma Jeane Mortenson)
June 1, 1926 - August 5, 1962
Today the famous Blonde Bombshell of all Blonde Bombshells would've been 85 years old. What more is there to say about Marilyn that Hasn't already been said. An Icon of simply everything, she will always be loved and remembered.

May 31
Depeche Mode
May 31, 1980
My loves and saviors turn 31 years old today!! I love love love this band beyond words!! I can't explain fully how I'll ever feel, the closest thing my love could be for them would be like a religion. Their music is what pulls me through, makes me happy, makes, me sad, inspires me and gives me hope and soo much more...every human emotion. In the simplest terms:
* I made this after I saw something similar for Morrissey on the web

Always devoted forever with love!

Clint Eastwood
(Clinton Eastwood Jr.)
May 31, 1930
The ultimate badass and cowboy (forget John Wayne, ugh!) celebrates his 81st birthday! Mr. Eastwood is a very handsome, talented and awesome actor and director, oh and musician too! He's one of my favorites as well as both my parents favorite actor. For my dad he's kind of like an idol, because for most of my dad's adult life he's been compared to looking like Clint in the classic film "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". He's a definite pop culture icon, you know there is even a song named after him! Here's to you Mr. Eastwood!

The song "Clint Eastwood" by The Gorillaz

Have a Happy One with tons of Love

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheap and Chic

My mom recently told me about this new thrift/ antique store in the neighborhood. So when I got out of school  the other day we went together to take a look. I ended up buying these:

My brand new, or like new stereo! Isn't it lovely and ohh so retro! I only payed $25 which I thought was a great deal. It has a AM/FM radio and a turntable. I needed a new record player, my 1970's/ early 1980's compact one was taking up a lot of space in my room and wasn't so easy to carry or pretty to look at.

I spotted this vintage hair comb and broach hidden in the display case. They're soo lovely. I don't know exactly what decade they're from, but you can tell those flowers were made by hand, and the colors are lovely! I purchased the both of them for only $3.

I also found just what I've been looking for! A straw boater hat with a black band and bow!! I wasn't even looking for it and voila! I can't wait to wear it! If it was the perfect one it would be slightly smaller, so I can perch it right at the top and tilt it over my forehead. But this is just as good and only $4!

I think this has become a new favorite place of mine, the shop is little and there isn't a lot of gems but I really like it. It's close to home and only about a five minute walk down the street. They had a couple of things I wanted, but had no room for like these:

I really wanted this teal colored antique mirror and vintage 1950's/ 1960's lime green (in practically new condition) separating sofas! If I had my own storage unit, I'd buy everything up and save it for when I finally have my own place, I wish!


I found this very good, much needed, stress reducing  and life saving  Wolf Form dress form at a local furniture thrift store. I snagged it for only $200, and boy was that a deal considering the average price of a Wolf Form is over $600!! Also I needed it in a hurry at the time I was draping a dress and finishing at school was becoming hard. So now I finally have my own form and I brought that store some business! Because my friends got the remainder of the dress forms, haha!


Also, about 2 months ago I did this school interview/survey thingy and to compensate for my time they gifted me with a $40 dollar gift card for Amazon. This is what I bought:

"Everyday Fashions of The Forties As Pictured in the Sears Catalog" and "Mad Men The Illustrated World". I've been dying to get my hands on that 40's Sears Catalog book since I checked one out at the library a couple of years ago, now it's mine! It's filled with tons of amazing Black and White photographs of every type of clothing you can think of from the 40's for Men, Women and Children they even include accessories!

The Mad Men book I first spotted in a book store a while back and I thought it was the cutest and funniest thing ever! And being a fan of the show (even though I haven't seen every season or episode) I just had to have it! It has tips on how to dress, office etiquette, how to make a cocktail and what to do incase of a nuclear attack! Oh and awesome paper dolls! The images are really cute!

This section will sure come in handy for my 21st birthday! haha


Upcoming Events

8th Annual Ink N' Iron Festival
June 10- 12
This weekend is the 8th Annual Ink N' Iron festival in Long Beach California on the fabulous ocean liner the Queen Mary! Bands, Tattoos, Cars, Pin Ups and more at this three day festival. This will be my first time going so I really don't know what to expect and I'll be going Sunday which is clearly the best day because of the events and the bands! It's all ages and the ticket prices very, for more info check out the website. I can't wait! And if you see me say hi!!
A video from last years festival:

For complete lineup, info, ticket prices and more check out the website:

Los Angeles Conservancy presents: 
Last Remaining Seats
May 25- June 29
How does being transported in time to the movie palaces of yester year watching wonderful classic films sound? That's what the Los Angeles Conservancy does every summer, and this years lineup is great! In fact almost everything is sold out! I really wanted to go to the showing of "Rear Window" but, yes it was sold out and I had school work to do. I don't think I'll be making it to the other showings except maybe for "Zoot Suit". I've seen the movie plenty of times before, but it's just when you see the movies in a packed old movie house and al the energy and excitement it's really great! I attended 2009's Last Remaining Seats, so lets see if I go this year!
for the movie schedule check out: