Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kids Love Depeche Mode

It's true kids really love Depeche Mode!!
When I first got into DM I was still a kid only 12 years old. But nothing is cuter and more awesome then when the little ones love them! It mostly has to do with parental exposure, but I think that's wonderful!
Check out these videos, a while back a friend and fellow DM Devotee posted this on her Facebook and I fell in love!! This is one of the coolest dad's ever!! Not only for exposing his kids to DM and other awesome 80's-ness (check out the kids t -shirts) but for spending great quality time together and enjoying music in such a unique and creative way! This is one of the cutest families ever!!

Here are some other awesome videos out there!

A family that Depeche's together, stays together! This is the Granzow family from Germany, they were featured in the Documentary 'The Poster's Came From The Walls' a film about DM fans around the world. 

This video is always brings the biggest smile to my face!

I think she knows more of the words then some of us older fans haha

This is a cover of a DM song done for babies!!

Mode on!!

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