Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Festivities

 Today is Christmas.

My Christmas Eve Outfit: Sweater Blouse worn with Velvet skirt, Backseam stockings, new pumps, vintage handbag and Earrings, Depeche Mode pin with my hair styled with a snood, big bow and bumper bang. (Those are my two vintage 1940's and 1950's suitcases. I was going to spend the night at my Aunts house.)

Family getting together at my Aunt's house, my cousin Anthony and my aunt Susie chatting.

It's game time already! At every family get together we love to play games. Here is my cousin Erich starting off with Jenga.

Impressive Jenga tower

One word: Pinata! In this now infamous little drawing due to a game of Pictionary, which is basically like charades with a drawing board. It sealed the deal on just how Mexican my brother and I really are! Within a mere 3 seconds of my cousin drawing we both shouted "Pinata!" we all laughed soo hard after that!

Outside Decor




My Grandma's Christmas Village

Christmas Tree Star

Christmas card to my brother

Just one of the many Tamales yet to be eaten. The derogatory joke goes "Why do Mexican's eat Tamales? So they have something to unwrap for Christmas." It is a little derogatory but I find it funny. There just can't be a Christmas in  my family or probably in any Mexican/ Latino Families Christmas without Tamales! Yummy corn masa or maize in english with Pork meat and red Chile inside. They're are a ton of other varieties of tamales to try. From cheese stuffed , to sweet pineapple and lots more! We eat tamales year round but during the holidays it's tamale overload!
Menudo! ahh Delicious! It fills you  up and can help get rid of that hangover! lol The traditional mexican soup and not the Puerto Rican boy band that's pretty much eaten for any occasion especially a festive one! It can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It's boiled tripe with hominy and a red chile broth, served with your choice of added ingredients of cilantro, lemon, oregano and more and top it off with a side of corn tortillas. It's an acquired taste and usually something your raised with, so it's not for everyone I assume. They even have a white version of menudo with no chile. Almost every sunday in my family is what I call "Menudo Sunday" were it's served up for breakfast.

Opening some christmas gifts that I couldn't thank my family enough for, I loved them all!

I'm officially the proud owner of a MAC Ruby Woo lipstick! Welcome to the club! A gift from my Aunt and Cousin.

 A lovely vintage 1940's evening clutch from my Uncle and his Girlfriend.

A very cute 1940's vintage suede handbag given to me by my Uncle and his Wife.

I have to say this just might be my favorite gift! Given to me from my cousin and aunt, the Depeche Mode Tour of The Universe: Live in Barcelona DVD/ 2 CD!! As my cousin Erich said "Is it all you ever wanted all you ever needed?" hahaha Yes! (that's a lyric from the DM song 'Enjoy the Silence')

My Christmas Day Outfit: It's extremely casual, I know but I just wanted to relax in my jeans, ballet flats, vintage 1960's blouse and vintage Men's Dior Sweater. I'm leaving my grandma's house and finally off to home!

My Grandma's Christmas tree

I'm soo thankful I have my family and close friends to share it with.
Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Holidays!
with love ~Victoria

(All photos by. Angel Rivera)


  1. I love the old luggage in the first picture.

  2. I got Ruby Woo for Christmas too! Don't you love it? Your pictures are just lovely Victoria. xoxo.


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