Friday, November 19, 2010

Museum Getaway

I  love museums! I can't see how anyone can't? Maybe it depends where it's located and what kind of museum it is, but they're wonderful educational and inspirational places! Do I sound like a total nerd right now? If so, I don't care. :) About late September I can't really remember when? My good friend Edlin invited me to Los Angeles County's Natural History Museum, since her boyfriend, who's my friend too, Frankie works there, so we get in free! I didn't hesitate at all! It's one of my very favorite places and I haven't been there in years! Since we left at little late from class and it's about 5- 10 minutes on the bus, the trip wasn't that long but we didn't get a chance to see everything. Just another excuse to go back! And after we treated are selves to some delicious frozen yogurt! Ahh good times with great friends!


The Museum lobby


I'm surprised how well behaved this Tiger is? lol

Part of the Display for the History of Los Angeles, California and American Culture, my favorite exhibits in the museum

Of course I went on Safari!

Lazy Lions

That shell reminds me of Gaultier's Vintage Inspired Bustiers

How pretty!

My favorite area in the whole museum the dome with the statue of the "Three Muses"! To be in the center of that room is breathtaking, so beautiful and detailed it's like going back in time!

They lovely domed ceiling with a painted glass skylight.

Edlin and Me off and about to get some Frozen Yogurt!

The busy crowd at 21 Choices located across the street from USC. It's a really great Frozen Yogurt shop, with other locations in Old Town Pasadena and Claremont. The flavors change every week at the different locations, plus you get to sample them and "build" your own yogurt sundae, for a cheap price! Thanks to my friends Edlin and Frankie I'm now a fan of 21 choices and I can't wait till we make are next yogurt run!

My small cup of Honey & Snickerdoodle Yogurt mixed in with crushed almonds, yum! If your wondering why there are two spoons covered in lipstick, both are mine one's from a sample tasting. lol

I encourage everyone to visit the LA County Museum of Natural History, not only is it a educational and fun place but a Historical and Cinematic landmark!! It's also located next to a ton of other museums, the historic Los Angeles Sports Arena and the lovely Rose Garden in Exposition Park! Plus there are always a ton of events going on that are open to the public, or museum members. You can even host a party, event, sleepover or wedding there!!
To learn more about the Natural History Museum:

until again- Victoria

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