Monday, November 15, 2010

Adrian Lecture and "The Women" at the Egyptian Theatre Review

It was such an informational night full of glamour!
Walls outside the theatre

Beautiful Black Deco Egyptian Statues in the Lobby

The original 1922 Art Deco ceiling, stars like Charlie Chaplain were under this exact ceiling for the theatre opening.

The screen and the lecture is about to begin!

Beginning credits of "The Women"

My outfit for the night, nothing really fancy at all just a sweater top, cardigan, skirt and heels with my vintage purse.
Rosalind Russell as "Sylvia Fowler" in The Women. Since seen the film and the lecture I've become obsessed with this outfit and Sylvia's entire wardrobe in the film! But this outfit in particular, I got to see a color photo during the lecture and the blouse was bright green and the hat had black netting with various pink and purple flowers!! I was drooling! I've also become a Rosalind Russell fan! She was absolutely hilarious!! Sylvia was probably my very favorite!!

Adrian and Rosalind (in another outfit from the film which is absolutely adorable! oh and I think Adrian is a very very handsome man!! They use to cal him the Gregory Peck of  Fashion Designers lol) I learned so much about Adrian, his style, designs, his collaborations and even how Surrealism and Art Deco influenced everything! They even talked about Dali and Schiaparelli, my other loves!! I can go on and on! Even though I was alone, but bumped into a few familiar faces it was a great night!!

I recommend anyone to see this film, It's the chick flick of chick flicks!! The original!! Hilarious, touching, glamourous and fabulous! Waaay better than the chick flicks of today. No way is the remake  better or even close to this! Don't even bother watching that!! This was in a way I guess the very first "Sex and the City"! I absolutely adore Adrian and this film and the actresses so much more! I think it will go on my list of favorite films! Oh and one very big tip the fashion in this film is TO DIE FOR!!! that's all I need to say!

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