Friday, November 19, 2010

Sew Busy

If you remember not too long ago I went on a blog hiatus? Well here's part of the reason why.

The Finished Garment
In the early stages of the dress; creating the foundation

Voila!! My final for Draping! I'm very proud of it seeing how nice my cocktail dress turned out. I've never made something with so many different pieces and fabrics you should see the patterns! This wasn't my original design, I was given the challenge of having to sacrifice my love for a vintage inspired silhouette and go a little more modern. After racking my brain and having numerous fabric dilemmas with gifted black lace from the instructor and input from friends I came up with this number.
A black lace and chiffon shell and versatile shade of nude satin underlay. With  a fitted sweetheart bodice with  pleat detail in front and full skirt starting at mid thigh, if worn by a women with the average height of about 5'6", the skirt will fall right under the knee. The inside is completely lined with boning placed in the front and back for extra support, with an invisible zipper up the back. This dress wasn't an easy task and I'm glad I finished it, but even happier that my grade received for the dress was an A.

Advanced Pattern Making
Contour Top Design


My advanced patterns class just started about the last week of October. Are first design assignment create a contoured top that extends below the waist. To tell you the truth the fact that are contour top had to be below the waist slightly made me nervous, I personally don't like shirts/ blouses that fall too far below the waist given that it could look like a dress or making you look a tad more modern and disproportionate. But I managed to due it and have the illusion of the blouse sitting at the waist with a mock waistband and a shirred peplum at bottom. I think the fabric totally makes the design, it's very Minnie Mouse all It needs is a big yellow bow to wear on your head paired with a black pencil skirt soo cute!

Basic Knit Top Block

Part of this class requirement is too learn how to make a block for knit tops, specifically knit's with stretch. So once the block was sewn it would look like a basic long sleeved  T shirt. So before sewing the sleeves on I decided to see if this mock up fit me just for fun and it did. I think it look cute under my cotton gingham blouse, but my brother said it looked like I was going golfing, lol.
That's it for now but I can guarantee that my absence will probably reoccur yet again. I'm expected to make a  pair of trousers, a jacket and a knit blouse by mid December than soon after the holidays I'll be taking a sample making class than who knows the big fashion show!
-until again Victoria
(all designs and photos by Victoria Inez Rivera)

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