Sunday, November 28, 2010

ReVamp 2010 New Releases Fashion Show

Well the ReVamp Fashion Show was a success! We received a great turn out and viewers on the live web stream! I had show much fun being able to work the show, it was a dream come true! I never thought doing a whole show would be so chaotic, being that the show is so small, but that's the industry for you and all went well. My main duty was to assist the male models with stage direction and dressing, I even made it onto the fashion show footage, I was somewhat of a personal dresser for a friend of mine, Marc who was one of the models. All in all it was wonderful, though I couldn't really see the show since I'm behind the scenes and my brother showed up late after being locked out downstairs, so I don't have any fabulous photographs during the show. One other thing I totally forgot, just about every time I go to a ReVamp Fashion show I take a picture with designer owner Annamarie, but both of us being busy her more so, I completely forgot oh well. Here is footage of the show incase you missed it! You can spot yours truly in the first video walk in at 3:38, I then come back again shortly after.
Inside the Salon
Vintage Camera on an Art Deco Dresser

ReVamp Silhouettes : 1930's Maisie, 1950's Peggy and 1940's Princess Seamed Jumper

Lovely Tuberose flowers that smelled absolutely heavenly! Brought in by the florist herself from Magdalena's Flowers, in a vintage inspired arrangement. ( I never smelled Tuberoses nor heard of them ever! I think they're a new favorite flower of mine, I'll have to buy some at the flower mart sometime.)

Mirrored Images in Art Deco Vanity, featuring Besame Cosmetics (My favorite line!)

ReVamp Silhouettes: 1950's Johnny, 1940's Grant and 1930's Lisette

A view of the Downtown skyline ( this is the awesome view I get to see every morning)

Myself and my lovely friend, fellow ReVamp Intern and model, Sari. Wearing the brand new 1930's silhouette "Elsie".

My handsome friend Marc and myself.  Marc was quite nervous about modeling, being that he never modeled before, but after some rehearsing he did a perfect job!

Me and my friend,  fabulous blogger Lidia, of Ella-Clothing on Blogspot. She decided to stop by and see the show, which she loved! (You can stop by her blog and see the fabulous photos she took there!

Outfit Out and About
Standing by an empty building's beautiful door front.

Sitting at my lamppost in the historic core, it's my everyday bus stop. With my windblown pompadour, and trench coat with Depeche Mode 'Music For The Masses' pin on my lapel.

I wore my Cuban Heel Backseam stockings with my Mary Janes, they not only made my legs look pretty they kept them warm from the very strong winds that afternoon.

My Brother and Best Friend, Angel and I arriving home after getting coffee after the show.(He looks out of it, but he isn't. He would be upset if he knew I posted a photo of him like this, shh don't tell him.)

For more info about ReVamp, Magdalena's Flowers, Ella- Clothing and Besame Cosmetics:

until again- Victoria
(all photos by. Angel Rivera)

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