Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Back From Texas!

Just a quick notification! My family and I made a quick road trip to El Paso, Texas! I'll see you soon!
 Are sudden departure was due to a death in the family on my dad's side, which is quite unfortunate. But on the upside we got to visit family that we haven't seen in years! Though the road trip like any long some hundred mile drive, it was fun in it's way. But I must admit I bitched a lot, though under my breath.  Mostly while in El Paso; with my dad's somewhat manic driving and the "beautiful" scenery in El Paso (that's sarcasm) I started to lose my cool, I felt guilty because my dad was just proud of his 'hometown' (not technically, he's originally from Mexico, but came to Texas as a teenager). But one thing that I don't regret complaining about is my dad's driving. Dad I think you need to be a little more cautious on the road, because you're the only person who has ever mad me car sick and make me a nervous wreck as a car passenger. Anywho we not only visited El Paso, but visited family in Arizona and made a few stops in New Mexico. I wish I could've gone thrifting, and found some treasures. But with no spending money and leaving with the family on such short notice we just ended up joy riding. Here are some photos, I'll be making another post of a series of Black and White photographs that I took on the road. It was fun and all, but the minute I saw the Los Angeles Downtown skyline from the highway on the way home I've never been happier! Sure real estate and living might be cheaper and easier somewhere else, but I'll always belong in beautiful Los Angeles, California! That's my kind of town! :)

"Behind The Wheel"

Probably the only touristy attraction of El Paso, "Scenic Drive"

Night time

A local Downtown El Paso bar. I loved this sign. That's one thing that I loved about El Paso, it has a lot of old working Neon.

Old Downtown Hotel. Another thing I loved and hated about El Paso is they're a ton old historic buildings! The sad thing is they're not kept up. This one is lucky.

Window display in Downtown El Paso

Yes, they have Low Riders in New Mexico

El Paso Cemetery

 I think that's a pretty cute and cleverly named ash tray.

My brother Angel

Yup, that's my Dad!

"On the Road"
(All photos by. Angel Rivera)

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