Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Oh Valentine's Day all is love love love!! How about yuck! I've never really liked Valentine's Day or should I say loved it? Typical chocolates, roses, cards  stuffed teddy bears and jewelry. How very cliche! I hate that people feel the need to only have this one day to share how they feel about you, or maybe it's the expectation of hey It's my job as a friend,boyfriend or husband to give you something. I've shared cards and given gifts to friends and loved ones on Valentine's Day sure. But if I had a significant other, (which sadly I've never had, honest) if I didn't receive anything from them on Valentine's, but out of any other random day of the year I was gifted with flowers, or just the simplest little gift out of thoughtfulness, even the smallest note of " I love you".. that to me would mean much much more than receiving a stuffed bear and chocolates. Be thankful you have someone's love, be grateful.  I can't stand when women are like "All I got was this necklace! I wanted a bigger diamond blah blah blah" or "I want this, get me this" Shove it! It's the thought that counts, but yet consumerism and media has tapped into the minds of everyone. So sad.

My feelings on V day doesn't mean I'm a cold hearted love hating person. Oh no I consider myself to be an absolute hopeless romantic! I love LOVE!! I'm not talking about cutesy lovey dovey immature crap with pet names and annoying bull crap save that for junior high!! (sorry) I mean real love romantic love. It gets me every time.  I believe I can be quite the romantic person, I tell you if  I was a man I'd have them swooning haha By all means if you love the holiday celebrate with all the love you want!
So just how am I going to spend my Valentine's Day?
I'll be dragging my lonely behind, by myself most likely, to go see my one of my all time favorite movies, "Sixteen Candles". AMC Theaters across the country have decided to have special selected showings of the John Hughes Teen 1980's classic "Sixteen Candles" for Valentines Day. It's sooo hilarious, and if you've ever been a teenage girl or a teenager in general you'll totally connect with this film. Even though I have the movie and I've seen it about a gazillion times, I'll have to see it on the big screen! So if your single or have a significant other and nothing to do go try and catch the film and have a laugh! Why can't we all have our own Jake Ryan? haha

And Besides that I'll be crying my lonely heart out listening to Chet Baker,haha

I've found myself in the mood for classic cute 80's pop, particularly Madonna. So I find this tune to be perfect for today.

Love you all ~Victoria

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