Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Violator

Depeche Mode Violator March 19th 1990
Today the Depeche Mode Violator Album turns 22!
This album practically sealed the deal as Depeche Mode being world wide stars and musicians!!
Arguably their best album ever and certainly an amazing and inspirational album at that! With all kinds of bands and singers covering songs off this album, everyone from Marilyn Manson to Hilary Duff! It also features probably the most well known/popular/famous DM songs out there like Personal Jesus and Enjoy The Silence!!
Also probably the most favorite album artwork ever, done by artist Anton Corbijn!! Oh and music videos too!
It's my personal favorite DM album even though that might sound very cliche. I feel a special connection to it, the month and year it was released was the same as I was conceived, it's the first album that introduced me to DM's music. My all time favorite DM songs including my favorite B sides too are on that album and the song "Waiting For The Night"  was released on single the day before I was born! As for the album artwork and music videos they're some of my favorite ever and the album cover symbolizes a lot for me,I plan on getting the Violator Rose tattooed sometime (even though that's like the most popular DM tattoo ever!)
So here's to the renowned DM album Violator!!
Celebrate by wearing a "Clean" "Blue Dress" with your "Personal Jesus" while "Waiting For The Night" you could "Enjoy The Silence", that would be the "Sweetest Perfection".

I wish I could've been there!! It was craziness, where later on a riot started!!
Violator Fever!!

For my Fashion Program at School there was a theme category where you pick an artist and a song and design a piece that was inspired by it. I picked Depeche Mode and the song Personal Jesus!
This is what I came up with a reflection of the band and the song!

With mucho Mode love

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