Thursday, August 25, 2011

So Saucy

Hello everyone I'd just thought I'd share with you my latest vintage purchase! It's a late 1940's early 1950's Black Velvet Saucer Hat!! I'm soo in love with it and  I can't wait to wear it out! Oh and I got it for a steal only under $9.00! My brother thinks it looks like a UFO on my head, but I don't care! I absolutely, positively frekin LOVE saucer hats, I think they're incredibly chic and glamourous and I love how you can perch them on your head askew and it looks great! I can't wait too get my hands on some more!!

Other Saucers
If I can get my hands on a perfect straw saucer hat like Dita's I'd be completely overjoyed!!
I frekin love these Philip Treacy hats! I wish I had a dog just so we could match!
Isn't this one a beauty!
I really love Lady Gaga's saucer hat!



  1. Cute hat and pics. Check out Armani Privé's saucer hats in his spring collection. It's like hodgepodge of '40s/'80s/ and the future.

  2. Thank you Traci! I always love reading your comments! Thanks for letting me know about that Armani spring collection, those hats were definitely Saucer hats! The collection was so Jetsons!

  3. Amorcito,
    you and your 40's saucer/plato hat is gorgeous.


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