Monday, August 22, 2011

Strangelove at the OC Fair

Hey everyone how could I possibly forget to post this!!! July 28th I went to go see for the first time, which I can say this is truly, really the Ultimate and the best Depeche Mode tribute band ever!!! Really this is hands down thee best!! It really blows every other tribute band out of the water!! Seriously I really mean it, everything from sound, voice, visuals, wardrobe, stage presence, persona not to mention they're a handsome bunch, they're anything but a cover band! I'm friends with the band members and I know they have been in other DM tribute bands, but once the merged together they are truly, truly talented guys! It was going to be my first time seeing them play I was sooo excited and I'll be getting my DM fix!! They played a whole variety of DM songs throughout their career from the beginning to today! Even DM gems that Depeche doesn't even perform anymore! Like the usual I go to the shows by myself, but I don't mind it because I end up meeting old friends, meeting online friends for the first time and making new friends too and that's exactly what did!!!
Pictured with Strangelove
Left to Right: Alan Wildest, Counterfeit Martin, Devotional Dave and In The Fletch
I love you boys!

With my awesome friend and fellow Modie for life Jen! We first met at last year's OC fair DM tribute show. We had soo much fun dancing and singing the whole night!!

Me and my awesome new found friend that night, Amanda! I met her too at last year's show I photographed her my my blog and she remembered me! Here we are both showing off our outfits!

I really really had a great time singing and dancing and screaming my ass off!! I think most people might have thought I was crazy or they may have thought I was drunk (even though I hadn't been drinking at all lol).  First off my outfit was pretty strange for attending the fair, but it was sooo Depeche , plus all I did was attend the fair for the show lol! As soon as I walked in the hanger I caught the attention of these two very drunk guys who hoot and hollered at me, uh thanks for the compliment guys. Secondly I stood up, sang every word to every song, danced, jumped and shouted well practically everyone in my row was sitting down! It was great  to see a lot of people dancing and shouting too, how can you go to a DM show and just sit down it's not possible!!
Devotional Dave's outfit and the stage fan.. it soo reminds me of the concert footage from "101"!
Reminds me of  the "Behind The Wheel" music video
Personal Jesus, I loved that Freddie sang a bit in espanol!
Enjoy The Silence

Afterwards the band did a meet and greet with everyone, once the crowd died down I went over and  chatted for a little bit, told them it was great seeing them again (the last time I saw some of the band members was at the Smiths/Moz convention) I gave them nothing but praise and thanked them for an awesome time! It was soo much fun joking around with them too! It was my first time meeting 'In The Fletch'  he's a very funny and sweet guy!
With the boys, pictured without "Alan Wildest" they made a pretty funny Alan Wilder/Recoil Joke haha
In The Fletch & Counterfeit Martin chatting  while they sign autographs at the merchandise booth!

Some footage shot of Strangelove at the OC fair

The Sun And The Rainfall
(Shot by me)

People Are People

Personal Jesus
(See if you can catch the snippet where it's in spanish!)

Shake The Disease



It's No Good

Enjoy The Silence
(You can see me at 23 seconds recording I'm wearing the big bow)

Fly On The Windscreen
( I was soo thrilled when they played this!)

I really can't wait too see them again, the whole weekend I was on this DM high, it really was like experiencing the real Depeche Mode they're that good! Most of their shows have been at venues that are far from me and end up being 21 + so I'm really hoping  more all age shows pop up soon, they're playing on my birthday this year! Maybe I'll spend my 21st birthday singing to Depeche again?!
 Anywho if you really love DM and you like getting your DM fix, 80's fix or you just love music I really recommend you see Strangelove! They are definitely thee best!!
Mode on fellow Devotees!
(All photos by. Victoria Inez Rivera)


  1. You lucky , I never been to one of their concerts. you look hot amor!

  2. Ok for the most part, everything you said was true but I have seen Strangelove at the OC fair and then I saw Blasphemous Rumours the other DM tribute at the House of Blues..Honestly BR takes the cake!! They might not have all the cloths but they sound way better! Plus its way more entertaining!! Have you ever seen BR? I highly recommend it.


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