Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Steve Naghavi

Steve Naghavi
May 26, 1970

Happy 41st Birthday Steve!! Are you wondering just who Steve Naghavi is, never heard of him? Well I wouldn't expect you too especially since many Americans don't. If you would've asked me who Steve was 6 years ago I would've said the same thing. But all due to the little crowd I hung out with when I was 14 and going to certain backyard  high school parties I discovered And  One.  And One? Steve Naghavi is the singer for the band And One, an awesome Synthpop/ EBM  band from Germany!!!
I love And One's music! Plus the whole reason And One was created or more so influenced in the beginning was because of Depeche Mode! Steve was obsessed with Depeche Mode and wanted to be Dave Gahan! He still is a huge Depeche Mode fan, and if you ask me he kind of resembles Dave Gahan a little. Oh and Steve is a hell of a good looking man if you ask me! He's even a great dancer just like Dave and just as sexy and he even knows how to work that mic stand!!! Over time their sound and look has been less Depeche and more And One which is a good thing since they established and identity. Their sound is much heavier and I like that, but don't worry they're still very DM influenced. However being that they aren't very popular in the US doesn't mean they aren't liked, oh no they are! Lot's of goth clubs that play a lot of industrial and synth usually have their music playing on a regular basis (I've never been to a goth club). But the way I found out about them would I guess be because of the "Rebel Scene". [The Rebel Scene I really don't know much about it, I wasn't around when it happened. I guess it started in early to mid 1990's  Los Angeles where (It was extremely popular with Latinos in particular Mexicans) kids were into Rockabilly style, but they listened to a lot of 1980's alternative, synth, trance, and early house music. Listening to Depeche Mode, The Smiths & Morrissey, The Cure, 90's House and yeah, And One. In high school I hung out with a couple of second generation Rebels, I listened to DM and the Smiths before I met them, but they introduced me to And One, and I love what I heard ever since! ] In fact I dreamt of the day I would finally get to see them! I mean they're hugely popular in their Fatherland (Germany) especially in Russia and in Mexico as well as other parts of Europe and South America where the EBM scene is big (EBM stands for Electronic Body Music, it's like early industrial it's synthy too)! When they announced their new album last year and presented a North American tour I went crazy! I made sure I bought tickets! I had planned to see them May 15th in Hollywood and be in the front row, only for the show to be canceled, I was devastated!

I missed out on what could've been all this awesomeness! I frekin love Steve's outfit for the Tanzomat tour! Those dance moves!! And yes they even cover Depeche Mode songs!! The video is a little long, but you should so watch it!

I guess one day I hope to see them, maybe they'll come back if not I guess a trip to Europe is the works  I would love that, hahaha But I don't think It'll be happening anytime soon!
Alles Gute zum Gerburstag Steve!!

The First song that introduced and hooked me onto And One. "Military Fashion Show" from the 2004 BodyPop album.

And as if I couldn't love them anymore, they do this!! And One's Rockabilly version of Military Fashion Show!!! Wooo!!! The video is a little cheesy though.

And One's "Second Voice" an early song of theirs from 1991 and an old favorite!

*I think I'll do a post about EBM it will be interesting  and the whole Rebel Scene too! New posts to think about!*

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  1. I Love Steve Naghavi, he is the best ever! This year october I go to a concert fromm And One ( and two other bands with the names "Camouflage" and "De/Vision (this bands makes the same kind of music like Depeche Mode and And One ))!
    The best song from And One ist "Krieger" (really fantastic song)

    I love your blog, you write about a good Music ( I love synthiepop) !

    Sorry my englisch is not so good (I am fromm Germany) , but I hope you unterstand, what I have written!

    Best wishes Madeleine ( a verry big And One an Depeche Mode Fan)


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