Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan
May 9, 1962
Happy Dave Day everyone!!! That's what the Russian Depeche Mode Devotees like to call it, otherwise known as Dave Gahan's birthday. Today he celebrates his 49th birthday. If you're kind of confused right know or slightly puzzled, Dave is the frontman for the band, my favorite band the best band ever.. Depeche Mode!!!
I love this man more than words! Oh Devotion, he along with Martin Gore are my saviors (really they are)! In fact this past Friday the 6th, I went to go see if I could possibly meet or get a glimpse of Dave since he was being awarded by the MusiCares Charity Foundation which helps musicians overcome drug addiction. He's been a supporter of the charity and is a recovered drug addict himself. I was planning on going to the show the cheapest tickets were $125 and it was going to charity, but I don't know why I didn't go!! Biggest regret ever, well thus far!! Oh and yeah well a waited the three hours to see him, it turns out I was on the wrong side of the plaza brillant! :(

 Dave performed a cover of Joy Divisions "Love Will Tear Us Apart Again,"!! I'm really really in love with Dave's version.

Surprise guest Martin Gore of DM showed up!!!!

*** I really need to go to class!! So this is very short and very last minute, but don't worry I have tons more to post! I'm wearing my Dave Gahan shirt and buttons and I baked him a cake!! All pictures you need to see!! So they will be up asap! I really do apologize for this very simple birthday post it's unlike me, especially since it's Dave Gahan's birthday. Currently my computer is broken and I'm really having trouble uploading pictures and posting information from different sources, like my school for instance.

Okay I'm back now here are some pictures on how I celebrated:
Here I am wearing my "Girls Gahan Wild" shirt that I bought at the DM convention. I love it some people become a little confused or get the wrong idea about me when I wear this shirt. I merely tell them 'If you know about the band Depeche Mode you'll get it." it's kind of an inside joke haha. oh an that's the cake I baked him, French Vanilla if your wondering. I know the frosting is messy, but that's my problem as soon as I frost it starts to melt.

Wearing my DM and Dave Gahan Buttons, the bottle cap one I made myself.

What do you know! I was thrilled that on his birthday my Dave Gahan biography I recently purchased arrived in the mail! I can't wait to read it!!

I thought I would leave you with this Dave Gahan song off his solo album 'Hourglass'. It really is a favorite song of mine and truly beautiful. No even though what I'm about to say is quite grim, I sincerely mean it. 
When I die, can you please play this song at my funereal.

I really can go on for hours how much this man and his part in Depeche Mode have made such an impact on my everyday life how lovingly devoted I am, but I'm not. haha But If you'd like you can read last year's Dave Gahan Birthday post it pretty much explains it all.

Happy Birthday Dave Gahan!! I love you!!
Happy Dave Day DM Devotees!!

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