Thursday, May 26, 2011

Because Kids Love Morrissey

Kids & Morrissey. It's a wonderful combination!

On Morrissey's Birthday May 22, 2011 
This is me and my little cousin, he's an awesome Morrissey fan! We both wore our Moz gear. I in my Morrissey inspired outfit (oh and it's actual menswear!), including glasses and pompadour and him as well in his awesome Morrissey shirt. I forgot what his favorite song was? But it's great to see at least some of the youth today being interested in great music, he's a wonderful kid! 

I just thought I would post this. This little boy is actually named Morrissey. Isn't he the cutest! Moz and Moz make great dance partners.

 I first heard about this when I tuned in to Indie 103.1 's "Breakfast With The Smiths" this past sunday, It's completely sweet and beautiful. We totally need more teachers like this and more music programs!! These kids are amazing!


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  1. omg! I love your outfit(oohhh...the glasses) and I love your cousins t-shirt!
    Plus, the second video is so cute!


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