Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Morrissey

(Steven Patrick Morrissey)
May 22, 1959

Today is Morrissey's  52nd Birthday!!! What is there to say about this man other then he's really one of the most talented people who's ever lived. His music and his words understand so many of us, the beauty, the silliness, the sarcasm, the frustration and sadness. Loved by Men women and yes Children, he's practically a saint, especially here in Los Angeles or should I say Moz Angeles haha. Even more so if your Mexican, us Mexicans, well Mexican Americans; we loove him (and he loves us too)!! He has a cult following a very religious like following not just here in LA, but I would say all over the world, even back to when it all started with The Smiths. Morrissey is one of the greatest lyricist and frontmen ever, with a voice, hairdo and dance moves that have a personality of their own! Oh and don't forget good looks and style too! I know for me in whatever mood I'm in, whenever I feel lost and alone Morrissey's words are there to comfort me (and lately I've been listening to a lot of The Smiths while I sit and sob, but it's not like that is nothing new). He's also inspired me to embrace my masculine side (through fashion, I've been buying more menswear for myself). I've never had the chance to see him live, but maybe one day I will.
Moz is perfection. An idol, an image, a hero and a saint. 
Thank you Mr. Morrissey and have a very "Un Happy Birthday"!

Today I'm not doing anything  "special"  for his birthday,  I would have loved to go to the annual birthday show that Sweet and Tender Hooligan's put on every year, I went last year and I think this year is going to be waay better I can feel it, but I have to finish sewing up a dress it's due tomorrow. Oh and even though I rather "throw my homework onto the fire"  hahaha (get it?) I guess I'll just be dancing away listening to The Smiths swinging my mother's flowers haha

"Take me out tonight..."
One of the greatest songs EVER!!

Be sure to tune into every Sunday's "Breakfast With The Smiths and Morrissey" on Indie 103.1 for a morning  full of Smiths and Moz and this sunday should be extra special!

For more info on tonight's Sweet and Tender Hooligan Birthday show check out:
* Check out the blog, She's an awesome Moz fan (but really she's just awesome in general), has a cool birthday post and drew a wonderful Moz drawing! I'll leave you with a Morrissey quote she posted, I've never heard of till I read her post, I can so totally relate.

"I'm capable of looking on the bright side, I just don't do it very often."


  1. I'm glad that you think I'm awesome. Hehee! But all Moz fans are awesome, aren't they? and yeah, I love that Moz quote too. Everything he says is so true!
    I love your post too! Actually I like all the birthday posts that you write! You remember all of it in the first place. I'm not good at remembering birthdays except morrisseys of course :D
    I've heard that Morrissey has this huge mexican fan base. Thats so cool! I wish I were mexican. Indians don't really know who Morrissey is :( But he loves his fans no matter where they are from, right?. :)
    haha...even I love dancing to smiths tracks just like Morrissey used to but not as gracefully. Its a lovely feeling.
    I love that Moz picture in the beginning. He's so handsome. A handsome devil! :D
    Have a great Moz Day!!!


  2. btw I gave you a blog award. You never claimed it.
    You an see it over here:



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