Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holiday's

I just want to wish everyone out there a Happy Holiday!!!
May it be wonderful and memorable!!

I'm really glad this Christmas has turned out better than I had expected, and It could only get better. I was soo worried my Grandma was in the hospital and may have needed brian surgery, but just yesterday evening she was sent back home and fine. That's what I really wanted for the holiday's, I can't imagine them without her! Not only that my oldest cat that I've had since childhood was really ill too, and I've noticed she's gotten better. However I was really thrilled this morning when I found her playing around, she hasn't done that in ages!!
Plus last night I had an amazing time at that Sweet & Tender Hooligans/Strangelove show!! It was very much needed and it was a beyond awesome show!! 
So don't forget that for the holiday's it's the little things that mean the most.

Oh and how can I not wish Happy Holiday's to all the DM Devotees out in the world!! I love you fellow Sister's and Brothers!! Have a very Merry Mode-mas!!

(Video made by Dominatrix Remix of Germany)

mucho love

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