Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday Montgomery Clift

 Flashback to my favorite high school class, Mr. Smith's US History & Social and Cultural studies, 11th grade 17  years old. As he popped in a tape of the film 'From Here to Eternity" I saw him, there he was one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen and once the film was done I knew that this was one great actor.. Montgomery Clift. 
Edward Montgomery Clift
October 17, 1920 - July 23, 1966
(Such beauty, the fact that his first name is Edward really makes me love him more it's another favorite name of mine)

The Film that started it all for me, "From Here To Eternity". This scene is amazing. (Although Monty didn't actually play the trumpet in the film he was soo dedicated to his role he took trumpet classes to make sure the lip movements looked authentic)

A young Montgomery during childhood.

Such great style.

Montgomery reminds me of Morrissey in this photo. Or is it that Moz reminds me of Monty?

Montgomery in the Alfred Hitchcock film, "I Confess" ( I must say it's terribly wrong to say this, especially since I'm from a Catholic family, But it would be hard to contain my emotions for such a young priest.)

Monty had a horrible accident in the 60's, which messed him up and he had to have reconstruvtive face surgery. It took away from his pretty boy looks, But I don't care one bit I think regardless he is still beautiful. The fact that he says 'Victoria' in his first appearance in the film "The Misfits" I just shrieked!
I thought "Perce" and "Roslyn" should have ended up together in the end. Marilyn Monroe once said about Monty that, quote "He was the only person I knew that was more messed up then me." Monty said that Marilyn was one of the most marvelous and incredible actors to work with.

"A Place In the Sun" 1951, This movie is probably my very very favorite Montgomery Film and Liz Taylor film. It's probably one of my favorite films ever! This scene is pure romance, uh to have something like this happen to me would be the ultimate romantic dream come true! A young innocent girl falls for an older young man, that might be no good, but she doesn't care she loves him anyway...such a Victoria scenario.

A scene from a "Place In The Sun"
Liz and Monty had some of the best chemistry together on and off film. During filming "Place in the Sun" she would sneak off to his trailer much to her mother's disapproval. They were very very close, but never romantically involved. However the media was quick to assume and name them the "Most Beautiful Couple in Hollywood" ( I would say yes!). Liz was the one who saved him in his deadly car accident. Liz Taylor's Husband actor Richard Burton, said that Liz was always in love with Monty. Monty said that Liz was his soulmate, and having being bisexual he said that "(Liz Taylor) Is the only women I have ever met who turned me on. She feels like the other half of me." Monty struggled with his bisexuality throughout his life, and is known for having been involved with women  in emotional relationships and being quote "unflinchingly" loyal to them. When he bought his New York Manhattan townhouse he said he envisioned his future there with a wife and children. He has said, "I like men in bed, but I really love women."

Monty passed July 23, 1966 at home due to a coronary occlusion ( he struggled with alcoholism and a pill addiction) his last words were "Absolutely Not!" in response too if he wanted to watch one of his films that was on television. He paved the way for many actors after him, James Dean said he was one of his idols and would call Monty just to listen to his voice. His obituary in the New York Times made a note of his portrayal of quote, "Moody, Sensitive Young Men". During his career he received 4 Academy Award Nominations, 3 for Best Actor. I wish I could have seen Monty in person and I hope one day I get too visit his grave. Regardless of his troubles & his decisions that made him well himself, I will always love and adore Montgomery.
 Rest In Peace Monty.

I've put the song "Let Me Kiss You" by Morrissey. It reminds me of Monty and the film "A Place in the Sun". It's one of my very favorite songs. So sad and beautiful.

All my love -Victoria 


  1. Happy Birthday, Monty! We miss you too.

  2. Monty was an awesome actor - better than Brando and James Dean!! Unfortunately, after his accident there were only fleeting moments of his talent on film.

  3. I completely agree, so much better than Brand and Dean, he will be missed greatly!


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