Sunday, July 10, 2011

ReVamp in the Los Angeles Times

Not that long ago I mentioned that ReVamp was featured in the New York times style section. It was a great spread and mention, but I'm soo pleased to see a feature on ReVamp here in the LA Times Style section!!
 And they put a big 'ol picture on one of ReVamp's most fabulous silhouettes and one of my very favorites, the Vivienne! And mentioned all the wonderful services they do!

1950's Couture Cocktail Dress, Vivienne
Here's the link to the article:
 I hurried out to buy the paper and was pleased to see not only was there an article on ReVamp and other repro/ retro companies, but the whole style section featured vintage! Thank You LA Times, I may love New York (I've yet to visit there) but this LA Native will always have your heart!!

mucho love,

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