Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday Martin Lee Gore

Martin Lee Gore
July 23, 1961

Today isn't just anyone's birthday, but the birthday of  a true artist and most likely the only person to express the words of my emotions, Martin Lee Gore the keyboardist, lyricist, guitarist and some times singer for the greatest band ever (at least in my and millions of others opinion) Depeche Mode!!! And not just any birthday either it's his 50th!
I really wish I could have a big celebration for such a milestone or at least bake him a cake like I did for Dave Gahan!! But today I have an important family event to go to soo I can't actually dress up in my Martin-esque gear and back a cake and blast my Depeche Mode albums (thank goodness for mp3's right) haha. But I will be fully celebrating full Depeche Mode awesomeness and remembering Martin's birthday and getting to wear my martin wardrobe next Thursday when I get to go see the very awesome, great and most likely the best DM tribute band around, Strangelove! (I'll talk more about that event soon.) But Back to Martin!
What Martin has done with Depeche Mode is beyond words and emotions, his lyrics for DM are pure beauty and poetry, he makes things like happiness, sex, sin, love, pain, confusion, anger every possible emotion and turns the words into beauty. Oh the power of Depeche it's a great one!! Thank you sooo much Martin Lee Gore for being you and starting the greatest band in the universe!! Have a very Happy 50th Birthday and many many More!!
Last year's birthday post:
Just thought I would post this I shot this quick clip of Martin performing a special DJ set for Alan Wilder's Recoil show. This was the closest I've ever been to him, I was front row!
This is an image or I don't know whatchamacallit that I made after I saw one for Morrissey
I couldn't think of a more perfect song ever created to describe how I feel in the most overwhelming situations and those two words sung by Martin Gore that describe my entirety "Understand Me".
This is a clip of DM on a Japanese talk show back in the mid 1980's here they wish Martin a Happy Birthday! It's very cute!
The crowd in Toronto, Canada sings Happy Birthday to Martin at the end of a DM concert.

With much Love & Devotion,

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