Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello Heat!!

Hello everyone!!! It's hotter then ever here in Los Angeles and I'm on my summer break well up until the 11th of July, then summer school starts. I've neglected my blog for quite awhile, for a couple of weeks I was feeling a little out of it and not in a blogging mood and my summers kind of been uneventful until this past thursday! I've been out every night since! So I guess this update is just a reminder that I'll be posting, hopefully (lets cross our fingers) much more frequently!

And can you believe since summer started I haven't been to the beach or pool! Someone needs to invite me quick because it's literally been years!
Oh and I just updated my playlist to be very "Summery" it features some 1960's classics and a few modern bands (that are kind of retro) that are my new favs! Enjoy!

mucho love

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