Monday, July 11, 2011

Online Ogling

I've decided to do a new posting series like 'Spotted Style' and 'Magazine Mention', it's called "Online Ogling". And just what is online ogling? I now I'm not the only one who does this as many of you probably do it too! Do you spend hours online window shopping looking at all the marvelous vintage for sale that just is out of your budget or something so rare you can only dream of owning! Yeah, I do that a lot. I even store a ton, hundreds of photos I find online that I use as inspiration and reference. My brother calls me a cyber hoarder and always blames me if our computer gets sick! Geez sorry! Anways here's my first Online Ogling post!

Vintage 1950's Tutti Frutti Peep Toe Sling Back Pumps
Curse! Curse! Curse!! My Frankenstein feet!! Or as my mom likes to call them Battleships (thanks mom)! Oh and thanks to all my Great Tias (Aunts) on my grandma's side of the family for being tall big women, because of those genes I have a size 10 (oh and it's wide) foot! I'm not going to complain about my height  I love it I wish I was an inch taller too (I'm 5'8"). But because of this I can't wear these perfect, drop dead adorable, awesome heels!! Carmen Miranda would flip in her grave for them!! These shoes will haunt me in my dreams forever until I have some of my own!

Found on Etsy; Link:


  1. I love Carmen Miranda anything, must look for some now.

  2. oh my god this heels are so adorable!!! i want them!!! by the way i like your whole blog!!
    love and kiss,mary


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