Friday, June 28, 2013

Ink N' Iron 2011 & 2012

Ugh I've been trying to get this post up all month! I've been having major computer, technical difficulties. Well I can't remember If I even posted about Ink n' Iron 2011! I know I didn't post about 2012, so I might as well post about them both! Last year I got to experience Ink N' Iron all three days, versus the one day I had attended in 2011. I was pretty much working the whole time well I helped my friend vend vintage clothing. I met new people, made new friends and bumped into familiar faces. All in all I had a great time hanging out, seeing some great bands and all the attractions! Being that Ink N' Iron 2013 was held earlier this  month I was thrilled to find out that one of my all time favorite performers Punk legends, Iggy and The Stooges are playing! I've always wanted to see Iggy Pop since I was a teenager and I vowed I'd go, though I'm wasn't working the festival this year. However due to buying up concert and event tickets lately I'm a little short on spending funds, so I didn't make it out this year (soo sad!). I also wish that some of Friday's performers would be performing on Saturday night (like Wanda Jackson, The Growlers, Tijuana Panthers). To be honest this years lineup is not that exciting in my opinion, I did notice that there seems to  be a 1960's theme with some of the performers this year. A lot of bands have that retro, soul, garage, lo-fi sound going on which is interesting for Ink N' Iron. Though I do enjoy those type of genres when I go to Ink I want to hear some good ol' Psychobilly! A lovely gentleman who I met at last years Ink N' Iron told me that the show promoters are trying to cater to a more "Alternative" crowd, therefore adding bands that you wouldn't typically see playing the festival in previous years. But the times are a changing and sometimes change can kind of be a good thing. So here are some photos of both my 2011 & 2012 Ink N' Iron experiences. Enjoy!

Here I am with Jerome singer of the psychobilly band Batmobile!

Batmobile on stage

Pin Up Contestants 

Here I am with my friend Gabriela Hernandez Owner and Creator of the amazing repro vintage inspired makeup line Besame 

Unexpected Twinsies! Haha Here I am with my friend Justine, she's currently filming her documentary about women in the Vintage Scene, titled "Vintage Vixens" 

I don't remember this fella's name, but I thought he was the best dressed guy here at the festival. 
The crowd is much different,but similar though it's no Viva. So yay for his spiffiness!

I don't remember this gals name either, but I thought she had such a cute little outfit and check out that cool mini double tier parasol! I want one!! 
Here is my friend's booth, Got Vintage.  We're set up and ready to sell! It was the first time Ink N' Iron decided to have vintage vendors, though it was new we didn't get much traffic. But we did make sales and met new people too! I had a lot of fun vending, it made me think about going into sales. 

Here I am with one of my favorite ladies, the lovely Amanda Lee! 
She's such a beauty in person and totally sweet!

Here  I am with my lovely friend Gloria and fellow blogging buddy. Her and her gal pals came all the way from Las Vegas to check out the festival, they weren't expecting such a casual crowd. If only every festival were Viva, haha

Some of the afternoon crowd

Cool a giant Tecate can!

 I believe this gentleman's name is Jason. I thought he certainly looked very spiffy for Ink N Iron! 
Yay for dressing pre post war! haha 

During my break I decided to do a little dancing with my friend Jason, because no one jives at Ink N Iron haha

Aren't they the cutest and fabulously dressed couple you've seen! I had to take a pic! This is Heather and (I think) Paul, they came from Northern California for their first Ink N Iron. I complimented them on their great garb, they too expected it to be like Viva. I actually spotted them this year at Viva, but I didn't get a chance to speak to them.

A sword swallower at the Pleasure Portal

Whoa! Work that Pole!

I loved this womans burlesque performance! She was so lovely and it was so 1920's-esque! I completely forgot her name (as of right now), but ever since I saw her consider me a fan.

Magician Christopher Wonder and his Chicken! He was a hoot and put on a great performance!


Such a classic and tantalizing burlesque act!

What a sunset!

Fire Dancer

Tight Rope Walker

Ready to watch the band!

She Wants Revenge!

Some cars out on the lawn

Someone's gone and lost their weave!

That's my friend Jason right in the middle! Haha go Jason go!

This cute little lady was one of our customers the previous day. She bought this awesome two piece vintage 1970's set and she wore the top out the next day! Awesome!

"High Heels coming back in fashion.. High Heels walk over me.."
(Demented Are Go- High Heels)

Such a beauty! I'm loving that Cherry Red, can I get lipstick and nail polish in that shade?

Another shot of lovely and fabulously dressed couple Heather & Paul

Here I am with my lovely friend Ariana! Fashion Designer, Pinup Model and first ever Miss Uptown Whittier!

(all photos by Angel Rivera)


  1. Great photo's! Looks like you had a blast, very jealous.


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