Monday, October 14, 2013

Where Is My Mind?

 Yeah I've been MIA for like ever! And yeah I've seriously been behind on posts, like years behind!
I've had a lot going on, more so now than before. But like I said before I'll keep trying (really I will) to keep on posting and make this blog into what I want it to be for you and for me.

My birthday has passed and I'm another year older. Autumn is here and it's my favorite time of year. Darker fall fashions, coats and stockings, coffee and hot baked sweets, Halloween and those cold breezes. So far I've enjoyed it. And as you can tell I now have a new playlist to match. Yeah it's really sad and depressing, but that's kind of where I'm at right now and it fits with the upcoming holiday.  And I think I'm in love, but it seriously could be just my imagination? According to my friends, I'm soo goth and I don't even know it. Plus I love the dark, beautiful, sad and tragic. So it makes sense.  I'm letting my inner goth/ dark whatever you want to call it out more. Which I think is a good thing it's like exposing all the sides of Victoria.
Anywho I'll get to posting soon. 
Happy Autumn.

"My life is one big dark room" - Lydia Deetz

I took this photo on the first official gloomy day of the fall season here in LA. 
It didn't last very long about 2 days max and about a week ago.
Quite appropriate don't you think? I guess you can call the look Vintage Parisian Goth.
I had some inspiration from Lydia Deetz too (aka Winona Ryder in the movie BeetleJuice).
This is what I pretty much look like these days.

Thrifted Vintage Dress, Slip & Belt
Flea Market $1 Cardigan
H&M Beret

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  1. I've never been to LA during the fall but I kinda assumed people just threw on a cardigan and called it a day! Enjoy dressing for the fall.

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe


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