Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 2013

Viva 2013! Woo, it's been 3 months I'm just talking about it now and boy was it fun and full of surprises! I gotta say this years Viva might have been much more fun than last years! I met more fab folks, ran into great friends and though I had a small moment of heartache and surprise I didn't let ruin my weekend. So prepare for fabulosity, dancing till dawn, va-va-voom and fun at the largest Rockabilly festival in the world! This year I didn't really document every single thing, but I have plenty and plenty of pics to share!

Inside the ballroom

This year I traveled alone and by bus, but I didn't mind. I tried to limit my luggage this year and vowed to take only one suitcase. I magically did! I fit everything four days of clothes, shoes, accessories, hair products and maybe more plus extras! But it literally is giant, my friend fit into it and it's about the height of a child!

Day 1 Thursday Night
I was really exhausted from my trip, so I didn't visit the casino until that evening when I arrived. As soon as I got to the Viva check in who do me and the girls (you know my Ghetto Vintage Bitches, oh that's our friend Cecilia in pink she's now in the posse too) bump into our friend Karen (The Reverend Martini) and Marky Ramone of legendary punk band The Ramones!! Too cool!!

Here I am with my fabulous friend Deana, we actually met last year when my friend and I were buying vintage from her. Surprisingly she recognized my familiar face from Viva 2012 (turns out we have some of the same friends)! 
As for my outfit I decided to go for "Sparkly Sexy Senorita". The top is repro and has beaded cluster flowers and sparkle ric rac. I paired it with my thrifted lucite black mules and black pants that I made into capris.

It's  another Patio Party!! The girls decided to go all patio and squawed out again. Here they are with a friend of theirs from the UK. 

Here are Julie & Cecelia with the crowd strolling away 

Day 2 Friday
My friends are more handsome than yours! Aren't these fellas quite the dish? Here I am with two of my favorite boys, my friends Isaiah (of My Baby Jo) and Andre (of Allyn Scura). They're always cooked up in the vendor room working away, but I always like to stop by and chat it up with them when I can. 
My outfit of the day is a 40's look. I love this shirt too, it's a Men's vintage printed knit from Germany!

This year I attended the Viva dance classes. My friend Cecelia didn't know how to Jive, Bop or Stroll and though I do I accompanied her, plus I wanted to brush up my skills. Here we have some of the fellas learning to Jive.

Here I am jiving away with my new friend Eric, from Florida! I met him and his friends Nate & Jen during the stroll class. He's quite the dancer, we both ended up getting carried away during the jive lesson and totally did our own thing haha We promised each other Viva 2014 we owe one another a dance out on the ballroom floor!

Day 2 Friday Evening
Hello Friday! This is my "Fringe Friday" outfit, the girls decided why don't we all do fringe on friday night, so be it! I paired my black fringe top (which is actually a dress and repro shh)  with my early 1960's vintage green velvet skirt, black lucite mules and my vintage tassel earrings.

Sorry for the bathroom pic , I just wanted a really good shot of my hair. Which miraculously came out great! My first time doing a roll updo. Oh and my handbag, $5 clearance at Forever 21!

Twinsies!! Here I am with my lovely friend Anita, now we didn't plan on looking like Big Sister/ Little Sister (hahaha why do I look like a giant?) but we totally were channeling the same exact look! How cool, crazy and fun!

Here are the girls and I in our fabulous fringe with our awesome friend Susie. 
She's looking a little worried, haha

Here's a photo of my friend Isaiah and I jiving away later that night

 Day 3 Saturday
Here I am with my friend Corina ready to hit the car show! Don't you just love her outfit a vintage hand painted bra top and mexican skirt! I'm wearing a rayon splotchy polka dot playsuit with my vintage chiffon scarf. Can you believe my straw purse and sunglasses were only $1!

Here I am with a lovely minty 1950's Chevy 
It's GVB (you know Ghetto Vintage Bitches) with our friend Ernie in front of the Pin-Up Girl Clothing Booth & Lounge

Viva Car Show Fierceness!!
Here I am with the girls and our fabulous and talented friends, musician Mary Simich and Kat! Don't they look fab in their killer vintage! I'm loving Mary's multicolored top and Kat's awesome Tic-Tac-Toe sweater and skirt set. Later that day we saw Rock N' Roll legend Little Richard, where he performed at the car show. I didn't really take pics of that it was pretty difficult to see from where we were standing.

Day 3 Saturday Night
Va-Va Voom! Voila, here I am for saturday night!
This dress was inspired by actress Jane Russell and it's my own design and creation. It's a Black velvet halter wiggle dress, with sparkled netting and tulle that mermaids out. I paired it with my vintage black satin peep toe sling black heels from Italy and rhinestone earrings and rhinestone & plastic bangle. Now I set a secret mission with myself and this dress (that I'm now reveling to you!) I vowed to myself that this year at Viva I would bring ultimate retro sexiness, that this dress must do this! I was certainly surprised when the minute I sashayed into the casino (because you have to in a dress like that) men (and a few women) literally stared and gawked, jaws dropping, eyes wandering, seats moving from the slot machines.. and I knew then it was a mission accomplished!

Glam, Glittery & Gorgeous!! Sequins, Rhinestones, Lurex & Lame!!
Here I am with my gal pals and lovely ladies looking like a sparkly glamourous fashion posse! From left to right my friends Anita, Keren, Myself, Roxy (Wife of DJ Rockin Vic), Julie & Lissette. Even though we have a picture together I actually just met Lissette recently at a nightclub for of all things Depeche Mode Night! She's a huge DM fan too! I approached her in the ladies room after I asked if she had gone to Viva, she looked so familiar haha

Oh we're just being Bad Bitches, hahaha
Here I am with my always fabulous friend Julie, strolling down the casino halls with our drinks 

Here I am with two Handsome Sweeties!
These are my wonderful friends Francisco (in blue) and Pablo (aka my Morrissey Partner in Crime) both looking dapper in their Fleck suits.

Wowie! Check out our friend Rhinestone Tom, always looking fantastic in his custom made suits! Here my friend Keren (who looks like a 50's grecian goddess wearing a dress her sister Julie designed and made) and I take a photo with him. Thank you again Tom for the lovely compliment he made my night! I was christened as "The Latina Jessica Rabbit" oh yeah!

Working it for the camera! 
Here I am with my always fun and fabulous friend David, owner and designer of rocking retro apparel brand Tarantula Clothing Co.

 I don't know who these lovely ladies are, but I just had to take their photo that night! They're too cute in their awesome decorated Mariachi/ Charro Sombreros!

Day 3 Saturday Late Night
Lurex Ladies!
Here I am with my friend Keren in our saturday late night dancing outfits, she in a silver lurex dress and I in a gold lurex & black jumpsuit!

Here are my friends Isaiah and Corina jiving away! They were my two favorite dance partners I had all weekend it's always smooth dancing with them. Corina is an amazing dancer, plus she never leaves the dance floor I call her a "Bopping Energizing Bunny" she keeps going, and going, and going! She called Isaiah and I her "Dancing Hoes", she was our pimp hahaha

Here are Keren, Corina and I  in The Orleans parking lot at 7:30 Sunday morning, we totally looked beat from dancing all night!

Here's another pic of us goofing off! That really was some night (for me at least!)

Day 4 Sunday
Pool Party Time!
I have no idea who this guy is, but I just snapped my camera I thought it was a good shot.

This may be my favorite or tied with my Saturday night dress as my favorite(s) Viva outfit! I received plenty of compliments on my outfit, I was channeling 40's Carmen Miranda! I'm wearing my second favorite hawaiian shirt that I own, it's a man's vintage shirt from the 1960's, my black shorts that I made, plenty of bangles, my scrap of fabric that I always use as a turban and my awesome green peep toe heels that I wish were in the shot!

Here I am with my friend the always sexified and fierce Andre (not the same Andre from Allyn Scura)!

Here are the lovely finalists of the Vintage Swimsuit Contest

Cute and well dressed on lookers, I believe they are Heather & Paul from Northern California. I photographed them last year for my Ink N' Iron 2012 post which I still haven't got around too.

I don't know this contestants name, but isn't she a doll! 
I love that hair, she looks just like Betty Grable!

The lucky winner and her new pink guitar! She had an awesome vintage Native American/ Indian swimsuit, too cool! Congrats Melissa!

It's time for the Jiving competition! Last year I missed it, I was too busy getting my shopping on haha but boy is it fun and intense and I'm just watching!

That's Nate & Jen, friends of my new friend Eric from Florida whom I met at the dance class. They're great dancers, I was cheering them on!

It's a bit blurry, but here are the Jiving competition winners! 
\He was from Japan and she from New York, they were fantastic!

Day 4 Sunday Night
Are you ready for some Asian Persuasion? Haha, I went for a Chinese  look to go with our Asian theme for the night, the girls wore pakke mus. Since I don't have one I thought a cheongsam would be the next best thing! I paired my dress with flats (my feet were killing me), vintage tassel earrings and a bumper bang and bun with my decorative hair chopsticks.

OMG! Look who it is! It's Charles Phoenix with his fan made Easter Rice Krispy Treat Lamb!
My friend Corina and I soo wanted a picture with him he's too amazing! He's the King of Kitsch! When you're at Viva you have to check out his slideshow, they're hilarious and full of retro vintage fun and facts! This year I was pleased that yet again my, neighborhood East LA was featured in the slideshow!

Here I am with my new friends Juan & Adriana. I met this lovely couple at viva after they suprised me by randomly walking up to me asking if I liked Depeche Mode? Uh, why yes I do. They then asked if I knew a Freddie Morales (he happens to be my friend and singer of my favorite DM tribute band Strangelove). Yes I do, ( I was wondering what's going on I don't know these people!) they then exclaimed "I knew it was you! Your Victoria!" Haha they are huge DM fans and Strangelove fans who are also friends with Freddie (aka Devotional Dave)! They had recognized me because of the times they've seen me at shows and photos that are posted where I'm with the band. What a small world! We chatted away about DM, Strangelove and the upcoming DM tour! Who knew a Rockabilly festival would bring Mode fans together!?

Here are my lovely friends Corina and Christina in their pretty Pakke Mus with this deranged, but hilarious photo bomber in the back haha!

Here's my friend Benny dancing the night away in his awesome Boobtastic 3D vintage tie!

Some late night dancing; I have no idea who this man is but he was a bopping machine! You had to be there to see it! Great moves!! I recorded him dancing hopefully I can post it up on youtube soon.

Bye Bye Viva!
Here I am 7:30 Monday morning in the Orleans parking lot with the Marquee in the distance. I had such a crazy, fun, fab and memorable VLV this year. I soo can't wait for next year!!
See you all there!!

(All photos by Victoria Inez Rivera)


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